Robbie Keane – I Have Not Not Changed The Way I Play

In this week’s spotlight, Glenn Davis is joined by Ireland international and LA Galaxy player Robbie Keane.

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I want to talk about your game. You clearly are a guy who relishes picking up the ball and taking people on. I’m wondering during your youth career where did you gain this confidence? Did it come organically or was it a coach that made you this type of player?


I was kind of always that type of player to be honest. My kind of skills were learned on the streets of Dublin. When we got a chance to play it was on the streets. For me, that is where I benefited from most. I took every opportunity I could get. I transferred that to my youth clubs and always been that type of player ever since.


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I see you as a guy that loves the game. Are you enjoying the game now still, since your early soccer career?


Oh yes. I think anybody who knew me, they would say I love the game so much. I love what I do. When you get older you appreciate things a lot more. When you are younger you think things will never end. You relish the opportunity now compared to when you are younger.

For the entire interview with Robbie Keane, you can find it here:

Brad Davis – This Is A Game We Have To Start Off Fast

Brad Davis Stops by Soccer Matters on ESPN 97.5 to give us an update on the Houston Dynamo, his injury, and the upcoming game against Chivas USA.



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From the outside looking in, it has to be tough for you when you miss these games having the ankle injury.


Definitely, you never want to sit out and watch your team especially when things are not going your way. It just makes me work harder off the field. I want to be in the trenches with these guys. Trying to do what I can do and have positive contributions is what I tried to do against Portland and now hopefully we can keep it going.


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It was a pressure filled moment, being a captain, to lift your team mates and making sure your own game is right.


For me, I just wanted to make sure I did the little things right. I wasn’t trying to slowly come back, I wanted to come back 100% and be healthy, contribute and help this team win. We created a lot of chances and I believe we could have walked away with three points against Portland.

For the rest of Brad Davis’s interview, you can find it here below:

Boniek Garcia – I Will Do Anything The Team Asks Of Me

Glenn Davis is joined by Honduras National Team Member and current Dynamo player Boniek Garcia to talk about the current Dynamo struggles.


What were the difficulties this past weekend against New England?

There was a little bit of trouble trying to find continuity and intensity on the field, especially in the mid field area. Obviously that created the issues we had in the game.

Would you prefer being on the outside wide right, coming inside, suppose to being in the middle?

Team needs always comes first. I will do whatever Coach Dom will do. However, throughout my career I have been playing out on the right. That is what comes naturally to me and serving balls in the box, but then again that is what the team needed me to do this past weekend.

For the full interview and to find out Boniek’s favorite restaurant, just click the link below:

Brad Davis – Time To Put My Best Foot Forward

Brad Davis stops by to talk to Glenn about his last chance to make the world Cup squad with the match up against Mexico in Arizona.

Brad Davis

You have come on the show many times to talk about your World Cup future. Where are you mentally right now?

I am good, I’m still in the mix. This will be the last opportunity to put my best foot forward. I understand the moment and pressure that I am going to be in. Confidence is high right now and I am looking forward to the match.

As Klinsmann said, the clock is ticking. The days to the World Cup are getting closer. Could every pass be important to your future to make the World Cup squad in the match against Mexico?

Everything will be analyzed under the microscope for sure. The creativity, way we work for each other, and creativity will be assessed very closely when we play on the field. Like you said this is the last time to show what we got to the coaches and that goes for the rest of the MLS players as well. It has been difficult to manage being the country and club teams, but if you want to be successful you have to be able to manage it.

For the rest of the Brad Davis interview, just click here below:

Dominic Kinnear – Our Guys Came Out With Purpose

Glenn Davis is joined by Houston Dynamo Head Coach Dominic Kinnear after their opening game against the New England Revolution.

Coach dom

I didn’t’ see this coming 4-0 based on all the tight games last year. Two minutes in the game you get the goal from Will Bruin, you put your foot on their throat and 21 minutes later it becomes 3-0. What a performance.

It really was. The guys came flying out the gate. The first goal started from the back and was moved up top. Good involved play from everyone and the best goal from Bruin that I have seen since he has been here in Houston. The second goal was all about extra effort, if you remember we win the throw in by the corner. The runs by Will and Giles were rewarded by Corey Ashe’s great ball in the box. Third goal was just a great play. Three to nothing was kind of a surprise but we were deserving of it as we were sharp in front of goal. Movement was good. Little bit of luck on the fourth goal but it was a really great start to the season. Now looking forward to playing the next one.

Dom, when we look at that midfield in Boniek, Davis, Clark, it just oozes with experience.

It’s a good midfield. You know Warren wasn’t available. We have some good quality and depth there. I thought Boniek and Clark worked out a good partnership right away. That left hand side early on were giving us chances in a lot of places so there were contributions from everywhere on the field.

Dom, Tony Cascio, do we have any update on him because he came out injured there and looked kind of awkward on television?

Yea he twisted his knee a little bit and is having it looked at this week. We have a day off tomorrow and spoke with him a little bit today. He said he is feeling better. Hopefully we will have him available for the weekend because he had a great pre-season.

To listen to the full interview with Head Coach Dominic Kinnear, you can find it here:

Giles Barnes – Fans Want To See Me Entertain

Glenn Davis sits down with Houston Dynamo attacker Giles Barnes

Giles Barnes

We have done a few interviews this preseason and you have come back with an incredible fitness level. Your preseason was wonderful. Did something just go off in your head because I believe you can be a top star in the league. When did the light bulb go off?

After every season I always evaluate where can I improve my game and be better. One thing that came to my mind was my fitness level. Obviously when you do that, you get stronger, quicker and more powerful. You are able to last longer. My fitness level is feeling really good so I am ready to go.

Fifteen to twenty goals this season, is that the target for the season.

I have set a number. You hit the nail on the head, it is somewhere around that. I always want to improve my numbers from last year so I’ll be headed that way hopefully.

You have a brother, Marcus, only 17 years of age. He has recently played for the under 21 Southampton on their youth system. Tell us about the progression on your brother.

They have embraced him over there in Southampton. They really like him as a player. He had a little injury which has kept him out for a while but right now he is the youth top goal scorer at the moment. He is still seventeen so he has a lot to learn yet.

For the whole interview with Giles Barnes, you can find it below:

Brad Davis – The Locker Room Is Vital To Be A Successful Team

Glenn Davis is joined by Dynamo captain and USMNT trailist Brad Davis

Brad Davis

GD: Watching you personally, you have had an outstanding pre-season scoring a lot of goals and obviously coming off the USMNT training camp. I have to think you are feeling great coming into the season.

BD: It has been good. It was a short off-season but for good reasons. Looking forward to this year with a great new group of guys coming in with confidence. The rest of the guys have been dedicated to the season coming into training camp fit and ready to go. So far in this preseason it has really showed.

GD: You guys have a lot of home games early. Plenty of opportunity to stock pile points before the world cup break. You would certainly love to get off to a good run here at home in the early stages right?

BD: Oh definitely, two games at home to start the year off. We have a couple of good teams coming in starting with New England. They have had some turn over this year but they have added many players to make them a good squad this off season. We have some heated and evenly matched games with them. But let’s be honest it is the first game of the year so every team will be up and ready to go.

GD: The fact that you were not on the trip to Cyprus, where do you see yourself positioned right now becoming part of the world cup squad.

BD: Klinnsman have been putting MLS guys together and European based guys together to get a better gauge of what product he can put on the field. Me not being there on this trip by no means that I will not be on the World Cup squad. The possibility of myself being on the World Cup squad is a dream come true if I get there. I thought my career with the national team was over but now for over a year its back with full force. Without a doubt it is something I think about. Right now I am focused on what got me there in the first place with my club team, the Houston Dynamo, and being consistent to give me these type of opportunities.

To listen to part one of the Brad Davis interview you can find it here:

For the rest of the Brad Davis interview you can find it here:

Geoff Cameron – Manchester United’s Intimidation Factor Is Gone

Glenn Davis is joined by former Dynamo defender and current Stoke City player Geoff Cameron.

Lets talk about the historic win for Stoke City over Manchester United. You played a huge part in it playing right back for the Potters. This had to be a remarkable moment not only for you personally, but also for the club.

Ya it was huge. Things have not been going our way this season with the red card against Sunderland, unlucky bounces , creating chances and then not putting the ball in the back of the net. We are playing so much better than we were last year. It has been short of getting results. It’s been very frustrating as a team. Mark Hughes said to us this past weekend that this was an opportunity for us to stick together and fight for one another. When you are on the same pitch as Mata, Van Persie, and Rooney you know you are going to be in for a long day. We did an excellent job defending and ya know we walked away with a 2-1 result.

What was the face of manager Mark Hughes like in the locker room after the game because I know this had to mean so much to him personally being a former Manchester United player?

I think it was just more about relief or about damn time. We have been waiting for one of these results to come. We have been so unfortunate. Our last game against Liverpool we come back to tie the game then they get a penalty to get the 4th and go ahead goal. We were just like not again. Things have not been going our way whether its referee or unlucky bounces. Finally we put it all together this game, the fans been behind us supporting us like crazy, and we are a tough team to beat at home. So, he is just was so relieved and excited for us guys to get that win.

You played against Manchester United last year, is it a different team now? Do they seem more vulnerable now?

I think it is more of confidence in a way. The fact that Sir Alex Ferguson is gone, the aura they had with him, and the intimidation factor is gone maybe has something to do with that. They were fortunate last year winning the league with things going their way but a lot of their big players are getting older and there was some talk in the media this past off season that they were going to move them. Not having Ferguson around there is difficult. They have the same group of guys but it is the other teams in the league that are stepping it up which is making it that much tougher.

To hear the full 20 minute interview with Geoff Cameron, you can listen to it here:

Weekend Watch List: August 9-11th

I sure do love August! While the summer comes to a close, it means the opening of European domestic leagues, starting this weekend with the German Bundesliga and French Ligue 1! Let’s get after it!

Must Watch Matches:
*Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Monchengladbach

**Friday, August 9th at 1:30 pm CST on GOL TV
***True to the letter, Bayern Munich looks to start right where they left off at the end of the season by taking on Borussia Monchengladbach to kick off the 2013-14 Bundesliga season. In their final fixture of 2012-13, Bayern sent off manager Jupp Heynckes with an entertaining 4-3 victory over Gladbach, with a Franck Ribery brace and Javi Martinez and Arjen Robben each getting on the score sheet. However, under new manager Pep Guardiola, we will expect to see a slightly different Bayern side than last season, with the additions of Mario Gotze and Thiago Alcantara looking to make Bayern’s attack even more dangerous. Meanwhile Gladbach’s squad is relatively unchanged since last season, maintaining almost all of their main players and just adding three new signings in Max Kruse who had a brilliant first season in the Bundesliga last year with SC Freiburg, Christoph Kramer from Bayer Leverkusen, and Raffael from Dynamo Kyiv.

*Montpellier vs. Paris Saint-Germain
**Friday, August 9th at 1:30 pm CST on BeIN Sport and Univision Deportes
***Ligue 1 action kicks off this weekend as well with the league title holders Paris Saint-Germain making a visit to Montpellier. This year’s PSG squad is looking even more dangerous than before with the addition of Edinson Cavani from Napoli in the summer transfer window. After claiming the Trophée des Champions following a late comeback in a 2-1 win over Bordeaux last weekend, PSG now set their sights on repeating the Ligue 1 title under the new management of Laurent Blanc. Fun Fact: PSG boss Laurent Blanc is the all-time leading scorer for Montpellier.

*Real Salt Lake vs. Houston Dynamo
**Saturday, August 10th at 8:30 pm CST on Comcast Sports Net
***Fresh off their 3-1 win over Columbus on the weekend, the Dynamo are on the road to take on Real Salt Lake in my MLS game to watch this weekend. All eyes were on the Dynamo attack, which is finally getting goals from strikers Cam Weaver and Will Bruin, and the spectacular form that Oscar Boniek Garcia has been in of late. However, this attack is having to go up against arguably the best shot-stopper in the league in Nick Rimando. While Rimando, Tony Beltran, and Kyle Beckerman were out with the Gold Cup squad, Salt Lake struggled but still remained atop the standings. With them back, Real is once again one of the strongest MLS sides. This weekend’s match will be a midfield battle with the Dynamo’s creative attackers such as Boniek Garcia and Brad Davis going head to head with Beckerman and Javier Morales.

*León vs. Morelia
**Saturday, August 10th at 8:06 pm CST on Telemundo
***While not the headline clubs in Mexico, these two squads have gotten off to hot starts in Apertura 2013 already. León is unbeaten so far in 4 games with two solid wins over Atlas and Atalante, led by Mexican internationals Carlos Peña and Luis Montes as well as new signing Mauro Boselli. Morelia has been on a goal scoring tear so far this season with 10 goals in 4 games led by the lethal Jefferson Montero with 5 goals and Hector Mancilla with 4. If you want a high scoring match, this game is for you!

*UANL Tigres vs. Monterrey
**Saturday, August 10th at 7:00 pm CST on UniMas
***You’ve got to love a good Mexican league rivalry, and this match is one of the biggest. Despite slow starts for both in Apertura 2013, Tigres and Monterrey have the two best all-around squads in the league and are expected to turn it on in this edition of Clásico Regiomontano. Tigres finally got their first positive result of the season with a 2-0 win over Pumas with Danilinho and Damiám Alvarez getting on the score sheet. Meanwhile, Monterrey have had three draws so far with Dorlan Pabon netting 3 times for los Rayados and Humberto Suazo picking up his slick form right where he left off last season.

Honorable Mention:
*Bordeaux vs. AS Monaco

**Saturday, August 10th at 2:00 pm CST on BeIN Sport
***Not very often does one recommend watching a team that was just promoted to the first league, however with all the cash AS Monaco has splashed out this summer it is definitely a club to watch in the French first division this season. New signings include Radamel Falcao from Atlético Madrid, James Rodríguez and João Moutinho from Porto, Jérémy Toulalan from Málaga, Ricardo Carvalho from Real Madrid, and Eric Abidal from Barcelona, just to name a few. It will be interesting to see what manager Claudio Ranieri can get from this hodge podge of new and old players.

*Manchester United vs. Wigan Athletic
**Sunday, August 1tth at 8:00 am CST on Fox Soccer
***David Moyes looks to kick off his reign as Manchester United manager with some silverware as the Red Devils take on relegated FA Cup winners Wigan Athletic in the Community Shield on Sunday. Despite a lukewarm showing in their pre-season tour, United is confident they will not suffer a similar fate as their “noisy neighbors” Manchester City did when they were upset by Wigan in the FA Cup Final last May. Also under new management, Wigan has been steadily rebuilding their squad with 10 new signings under manager Owen Coyle as they prepare to fight for promotion from the Championship league.

*Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders
**Saturday, August 10th at 6:00 pm CST on
***Not sure if you’ve heard but a certain someone caused massive waves in the soccer world this week with his transfer from the English Premier league to the MLS. No, not another old European, it’s the American, Clint Dempsey who completed a move from Tottenham Hotspur to the Seattle Sounders in a deal worth $33 million (Dempsey’s salary is now a whopping $24 million). No word yet on whether or not Dempsey will make his first appearance for the Sounders this weekend (he has reportedly been sick this week) but rest assured, Seattle is now even more so a threat and title contender in the MLS this season.

Make sure to check out my final Weekend Watch List next week!

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Recommendations?

An Interview with Oscar Boniek Garcia

Earlier this week Glenn had the opportunity to catch up with the Houston Dynamo’s midfield maestro Oscar Boniek Garcia to chat about the Dynamo, Honduras, and his life in soccer. Oscar is translated by Lester Gretsch.

GD: Do you feel like you are getting back into a better rhythm now, based off of injury and national team call-ups?
OBG: Over the last 3 or 4 games that I’ve played I’ve felt definitely more dynamic, I felt, a lot more desire to play. Definitely being involved with the team and being consistently playing has helped me get back into the groove of things so I’m definitely feeling a lot better than I did a few weeks ago.

GD: I got the sense against Chicago that he seems to be continuing to platform forward, is that the way you feel?
OBG: Yeah that obviously the case. Obviously depending on how the game is going and what Dom wants me to do on the field I may be getting a little bit further than you’re used to seeing me on the field but yeah, that’s something I’m trying to do more and more of as the season progresses.

GD: Does your role change by the game and by the opponent for the Dynamo? For instance are there certain games where he’s asked to attack more or certain games where he’s asked to play wide more or certain games where he’s asked to come into the interior of the midfield. Does your role change a lot based on opponents?
OBG: I don’t think so. I think it’s more of a case of the amount of space that I am given by the opposing club and also how the club is going. I always try to do the same level of work, try to be consistent in the way I perform on the field, but it just depends on how, like I said, how the game is going and whether I have those opportunities to get a little bit more forward than usual.

GD: We all know you’re great in tight areas, you’re great taking people on, you’re a breakdown type of player, how is that sort of nurtured, going back to your youth?
OBG: In Honduras I always used to play a lot of 5v5 soccer and on small fields and that definitely helped me develop my game and helped me develop the way I like to handle those situations and once I came over here, you know just acquiring the technique and the knowledge of soccer and the philosophy that they like to implement among players here has certainly taken my game to a whole new level in that regard.

GD: Is it the happiest you are, when you’re playing soccer?
OBG: I think so. I think that whenever I’m on the field and whenever I have a ball at my feet I’m at my happiest.

GD: How about Honduras in the Gold Cup. Was it difficult watching and not being able to play for them?
OBG: Yeah unfortunately it was frustrating and also sad just knowing that I couldn’t be there to help my country and my national team, help fulfill a goal that has eluded us for many years which is reaching a final. But definitely it’s just one of those things that happen. I knew that I wasn’t going to be playing the Gold Cup well in advanced so I wasn’t surprised but I was prepared for it. But definitely it’s just one of those things that happen, sometimes you just gotta grin and bear it and watch from the outside looking in.

GD: Let’s talk about Honduras in World Cup Qualifying. How do you feel about where the team is positioned in the ultimate goal of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?
OBG: I definitely feel good about our chances. I know that we have four very difficult games coming up, especially the first one against Mexico in Mexico, but given the current state of affairs with the Mexican National Team I think that can actually be a game changer for us and for them as well, but particularly speaking for Honduras it could be one of these game that can actually give us the confidence we need to be able to get over that hurdle and qualify for the World Cup.

GD: How about the manager, Luis Suarez, for Honduras. What type of manager is he and do you like his coaching style?
OBG: As a person, he’s a very good person. He’s one that always likes for players to have an open dialogue with him to always bring up his problems or their problems and vice versa. He doesn’t like his players to keep things bottled up inside. As a coach he’s very demanding. He always expects the most out of his players, he always pushes them to the max. But of course, obviously, just like with any other coach when the results don’t go the team’s way, obviously the first one to blame would be him. But obviously he’s definitely a person who can take us where we need to go.

GD: How about a quick word on your trial over at Paris Saint-Germain. What was that like when you went over there? I know you played some friendly games for them so what was your European experience like?
OBG: It helped me learn a lot, not only as a person, on a personal level, but on a soccer level, on a professional level. It was a very intense period of 10 days where I just learned a lot and was able to develop a better understanding of how things are done in Europe and also how things would be done here in the United States, because there is also a great level of skill and a great level of professionalism in the league here in this country.

GD: We know you are a symbol to the Honduran fans and obviously there are a lot of Honduran fans here in Houston, how do we get more of those fans out to the games? I know some of them come but there are so many more! Any ideas?
OBG: Yeah I’m really proud of Central American people, particularly Honduran fans, that come out and support their teams, particularly during the Gold Cup. As we saw recently, whenever we played international games here that they really come out in great numbers but I really don’t have a clear idea as to what needs to be done in order to bring these people out in a more regular fashion to Dynamo games and to watch MLS. It’s probably just going to take some time and it will be a matter of just continuing to plug away and promote to those communities.

GD: Is there something specific the Honduran fan looks for when it comes to watching soccer live in a stadium?

OBG: Yeah, in my view I think just seeing an Honduran player not only playing here locally but also playing with the Dynamo, I think that should be motivation enough to get a lot of these people to come out and support the national team players.