Toronto FC saga unfolding while Real Madrid beats Ajax but can Mourinho really turn “Galacticos” around?

Watching the Toronto FC vs. Real Salt Lake Concacaf Champions League last night I wanted to get a glimpse of the Dynamo next opponent.
Now I had seen their 1-0 loss to DC United over the weekend which cost Preki and Sports Director/GM Mo Johnston their jobs.
As expected TFC came out on fire with players looking to impress after the dismissal of a head coach, and GM.
Truth be told, TFC should have been up 3-0 in the first 20 minutes as they were all over an RSL squad that was missing their key focal point Javier Morales. They would take a 1-0 lead by the way after RSL defender Nat Borchers got sucked in on a throw in and was turned, hi poor back pass was picked up by O’Brien White who found Maicon Santos with a cross at the back post on the ground for a 1-0 lead. Real Salt Lake under Jason Kreis have to be applauded for their willingness to play attractive soccer even without their focal point in midfield Javier Morales. Many a team in MLS might lose their greatest element and begin to play much differently. Not these “Salt Lakers”.
RSL would win 4-1 behind goals from Kyle Beckermann (21st), Jamison Olave (40), Alvaro Saborio (69) and Araujo (80th on loan from Miami FC).
Toronto FC DP Mista a Spaniard was ejected in the 66th for an incident with Beckermann after playing all but 6 six minutes. How is that for a DP like contribution?
Not to take anything away from TFC but they are a mess and the desired spike of change lasted briefly, 20 minutes exactly. They are limping into Robertson Stadium this weekend but for sure Dwayne DeRosario will be motivated to play against his former teammates (listen to his interview at click podcasts, click Glenn Davis). Tickets available at FIESTA ticketmaster and
Now back to the debacle that is TFC, Mo Johnston and company surely have missed on the DP picks. But then again it has been a revolving door of players and coaches in Toronto since their inception. Preki was suppposed to bring stability but it never seemed to mesh and the head man always seemed on the defensive in Toronto.
The signing of Julian DeGuzman as a holding midfielder for $1.7 million was pure insanity. Not that DeGuzman is not a solid player but for a DP in MLS as a HOLDING MIDFIELD PLAYER…..Not money well spent. As for the other DP Mista, he is going, going gone I would assume. Sure he scored some goals in Spain’s La Liga a few years back but his last four years he has produced little. This was a real roll of the dice and a prime example of a European player that has not been able to adapt to MLS and is a ball of frustration.
You can’t see him coming back. It has not worked for the 31 year old.
Ironically though, it was the highly paid DeGuzman who had this to say about Preki in the Toronto Sun…….”When Preki was here, to be honest, there was no real system. That was the major thing missing in training and preparation for the game. There was nothing to work with.”
The Sun also reported that Preki’s “autocratic” demanding style had worn on the players. Apparently a group of the Canadien players and assistant coach Nick Dasovic went to management and complained.
“I just think that if you ask for commitment and hard work, that’s too much to ask for,” said Preki to Espn.
A lot to ponder here. Did a small group of Canadien players get this removal done? Or had Preki lost the team through his lack of flexibility? You can’t argue with the recent results and the track record of Mo Johnston’s revolving door of players. Fans also turned the heat up with criticism.
One thing is for sure, when it comes to attack, Toronto FC is a one man show led by DeRosario. He has little support system.

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They got the win over Ajax 2-0 on goals from Gonzalo Higuain who might just be the ultimate poacher but it will take weeks to see if Jose Mourinho can bring real semblance of collective nature to this squad of superstars. Cristiano Ronaldo looked like a frustrated youth player at times and played poorly. When Kaka returns how is he utilized? Mourinho magic will be needed to bring this collection of superstars together over the long term. Tough to doubt him but………On another “special one” note it seems that Portugal is trying to get Mourinho to coach the national team along with Real Madrid? Good luck with that one……

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As mentioned in the prior blog a few thoughts on Colin Clark. Two knee surgeries definetly put up a red flag but the Dynamo apparently have spoken to Clark’s doctors doing their due diligence and he is expected to make a full recovery and be ready for 2011. Clark was a fan favorite early on in Colorado with his slashing, willingness to “take players on style”. That is what will be expected in Houston and what is needed more of in MLS! Clark also comes with allocation money and a lesser salary than Brian Mullan who is from Littleton, Colorado and from what I understand desired a move home. The trade might not be as surprising being that Mullan has been the best player for the Dynamo as of late and Colorado coach Gary Smith was deal-making looking for a playoff spike. The contagious play of Mullan could be timely for the Rapids. They also moved Mehdi Ballouchy to New York for Macoumba Kandji a striker/midfielder.

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  1. KP says:

    Did you mean a 2011 return for Clark or is he really out all of next season?

  2. William says:

    Overdue firing of Johnston at TFC. Another example that being an outstanding player does not necessarily mean success at gm or player personnel level. See Alexi Lalas, Jeff Agoos.
    Player’s and coaches brought in under Johnson speak volumes- Velez, Laurent, Ricketts, Vitto, de Guzman, Mista, etc. Only real positive is De Ro.
    Everything in place in Toronto, solid , loyal fan base, sss with natural surface. Organization really need to make this change at top count and get firm footing.

  3. glenndavis says:

    Good catch, it is fixed!

  4. Edwin says:


    A little harsh on Higuain aren’t we? I mean I know both of those were “poachers” or sitters but come on Higuain has been a beast for Madrid, he did miss a few clear chances in the 1st game vs Mallorca I believe 3 weeks ago and in the crucial Champions League round of 16 vs Olympique Lyon but Higuain has scored some amazing goals for the Madrileños the past 3 seasons. I have said this tons of times, he is without the shadow of a doubt, the Best Real Madrid player for the last 3 and a half seasons!
    Even when he wasn’t a starter with Sneijder and Robben there as well as Raul, he was there and as a 18 or 19 year old too! The last 2 seasons, when my adored Barca have OWNED THEM, he’s been the only reason they keep up, he has so many game winning and tying goals is unbelievable! Last season he probably would of been the difference between Barca having another comfy lead to wrap up the La Liga title almost 2 months early, and thus allowing maybe Valencia 2nd spot, but 2008-09 for sure he kept them in it, if it wasn’t for him Real would of been out of CL competition in 2009-10 cause 08-09 would of seen them in 5th at best!

    Glenn, I don’t get it with Toronto? Is very mental if you ask me, no away wins at all? Only 1 or 2 Home losses. They should of given Preki more time though, he turned around Chivas to contend with Supporter’s Shield winning the West regular season in 08! Not only that but TFC has suffered of some real stupid and retarded calls recently in MLS, vs Chicago at Toyota Park there were TWO clear handballs in TFC’s favor and I believe 1 vs DC.

    I hope they succeed, they deserve it up there, I was rooting for them and Chicago to take the other 2 spots from the East, now I think Chicago and KC are the best shots!

    Don’t think this will be the last of Preki, someone will pick him up, don’t be surprised to see DC get him! Ben Olsen is not ready to be head coach!

  5. glenndavis says:

    My comments about Higuain were all out of respect Edwin.

  6. William says:

    Glenn – one of the weirder and wild MLS games I’ve seen in long time last night at Pizza Hut Park.
    NYRB don’t start JPA?? Then Ballouchy makes Backe look like a genius and is blistering shots on goal.
    FCD ‘s Alexander plays out of his mind offensively and nets assist and beautiful goal.
    Shae chops down Albright with viscous tackle and instant deserved red card. What in world was Henry swipe at the ball, when play long over, resulting in Hartman injury about??
    Strange, entertaining match

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