So who would you like to be a Dynamo DP in the future? What star should land in Houston?

The Dynamo season is down to three games with the NE Revolution coming into town this Sunday. This is an important night as it is Breast Cancer Awareness night so get over to or FIESTA Ticketmaster and get out to the game on Sunday night.

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It is clear that fans do come to games in all sports many times for one specific individual and it is no different in MLS. What game is not made more interesting with the likes of Thierry Henry, Dwayne DeRosario, Landon Donovan or Fredy Montero coming to town? Fact, fans come for individuals in many cases. Which leads us to AEG head Tim Lieweke saying to the Dynamo that it is time for a designated player that can be impactful both on and off the field.
So who would you like to see in a Dynamo uniform in the future? Here are a few to ponder?

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DIEGO FORLAN- At 31 years of age Forlan is still fit and injury free playing in Spain’s La Liga. A bona-fide star of the World Cup for Uruguay he would be a recognizable figure.
A mobile, striker that is a finisher both from the run of play and the set piece. Forlan recently came out in the press talking about a potential move to England.
Forlan has scored 69 goals at Atletico cementing his place as one of Europe’s top strikers. You never know until you ask?

HUMBERTO SUAZO- The Chilean striker, had injury problems during the World Cup but is a predator in the penalty area. Currently playing at Monterrey in the MFL, Suazo
has 9 goals currently for Rayados who are second in the overall table behind Cruz Azul. Suazo is 5″7 and built like a fire hyrdrant, low to the ground
and powerful. Suazo is 29 years old.

ANDRES D’ALESSANDRO- The Argentine midfielder could be the fulcrum to play through in midfield for the Dynamo. Currently at Internacional in Brazil, D’Alessandro
helped Internacional of Brazil to the Copa Libertadores title in recent times. Argentine manager Sergio Batista recently called him up to the
national squad for their September 7th friendly against Spain. He also has played in Europe with Wolfsburg in Germany and Zaragoza in Spain.

ALBERTO MEDINA- The Mexican has appeared over 50 times for El Tri and over 250 times for Chivas. Maybe he is tired of the fake stuff at the new Estadio, Jalisco.
What strikes me about Medina is that he is tough and focused. El Venado, the deer can play as a winger or a striker and could be a hit both on
and off the field. Medina is 27 years of age and would be a better signing than Omar Bravo in KC based on his age, he also would satisfy the
large Mexican community that follows the MFL.

CHRISTIAN GIMENEZ- Currently on 6 goals for Cruz Azul, Dynamo manager Dominic Kinnear has always been complimentary of the play of the Argentine. Who can
forget some of the magic he produced against the Dynamo while at Pachuca? Gimenez if fiery, skilled and would be step in as the club’s leader.
With the right players around him, “Chaco” would lift the squad to another level. Started his career at famed Boca Jrs. and scored over 40 goals
at Pachuca.

So these are just a few thoughts.
Now notice that I stuck to players from Mexico and South America as potentials as I believe that culturally this is what our market needs in the future. Yes, I know that it doesn’t matter where the player comes from but if that player comes from Europe he needs to be a big enough name to be impactful off the field as well. I also chose to focus on a few that are in their latter twenties with the exception being Forlan who is 31, reason being they might just be ready for a move. A-lot has to fall in place to acquire players like these and at times it is the most unlikely of reasons as to why someone might make a change. Security in Mexico is an issue for professional soccer players and that along with a new stadium and a city with lots of roots to Mexico, South America and Central America is also a selling point. Location can’t hurt here as well.
I am waiting for the first person to tell me why Adolfo Bautista of Chivas would be a good choice for the Dynamo? He might draw some fans but for me it would be too much risk. He would have been a good choice back between 2004-2007 while at Chivas but at 31 with baggage wouldn’t go there.
Finding the right DP for the Dynamo will be a real challenge and one would suspect that it would come during the summer transfer window but you never know.
And as far as a player in Europe, remember that on Sports Talk 790 Chris Canetti mentioned that David Beckham of the LA Galaxy could be utilized to help draw a player from Europe to Houston!!!

Dynamo Coo Chris Canetti is on the road and will be at PPL Park tonight looking at the stadium before heading to Red Bull Arena. So lets get some real reaction from you? Who would you like to see as a DP? Does it have to be someone from South America or Mexico?

Thank you FIESTA, MEMORIAL HERMANN SPORTS MEDICINE INSTITUTE and DANISH INSPIRATIONS CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE for your support of soccer! Fans, support those who support your game!!!

Twitter: Soccermattersgd

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  1. MoisesV says:

    Not being negative here, but rather realistic…

    I can’t think of him passing up going to ManU and coming to the Dynamo…When Ferguson makes statements about wanting you back…you listen…

    Chupete Suazo:
    While he would be a very very good player for the type of football we play, he has discipline issues and in my opinion with a good liguilla he may have good offers from America, Cruz Azul or even another european club…if he gets a good offer from Europe he might just go for it since he still wants to prove he’s worthy of that type of play…

    This guys is a great player…takes on opponents with no fear and brings flair and productivity…something that many times doesn’t go hand-in-hand…but he’s finally getting a shot at the National team (which I think he deserves) and I really doubt he’d take an offer from an MLS team if he’s trying to make a name for himself in a country where he’s considered one of the top 20 players out of 200 million people…would be nice…but I think he’s due an offer from someone in Italy pretty soon.

    Alberto Medina:
    Im a Chivas fan and I think he’s an OK player…but he doesn’t deserve to be considered in this group of players at all…He’s just not at that level, he’s got flair, speed, but is very injury prone and weak physically and mentally…He’s also one of the most “hated” players in Mexico, so if you’re trying to introduce more Mexican League fans to the Dynamo, he’s not the right guy…you may get a few Chivas fans…but that’s it…and on the field…mmm well NO!

    Chaco Gimenez:
    This IS probably the best option if he’s available, I’ve always thought he’s a very humble player and works very hard on the field…he doesn’t score many, but he’s always in the run of play and creating…he has some respect for our club from the past encounters as you noted, and I think he’s someone that any fan from the Mexican league and of SouthAmerican football can relate to, regardless of who they root for…if he’s available, I think this would be a REALISTIC option and would love for our front office to go after him…not to mention all the beautiful argentine girls that would start showing up to games ;)

    just my 2 cts

  2. glenndavis says:

    All I am asking about is opinion but to be fair most any player that one goes after you can find a reason why they may not want to come, all good comments from you Moises but you have to ASK, enquire and set up possibility for the future as well.
    No one ever thought that Thierry Henry would arrive in MLS? No one thought Blanco would come?
    What is wrong with flair and speed?

  3. Marco says:

    D’Alessandro would immediately turn us into playoff contenders again. He was outstanding in the Copa Libertadores final against Chivas.

  4. nebraskacoog says:

    Why can’t we get get D’Alessandro and El Chaco both? We need a good mid more than anything, and that would allow cameron to go back to CD where he can shore up the D. I would like both though. Maybe, you could get Chaco for a good price and then make a move on D’Alessandro, unrealistic, but that would be a great team.

    Unload Ching to get the cap space

    Hainault, Boswell, Cameron, Chabala
    Cooke, Palmer, D’Alessandro, Davis
    Oduro, Gimenez

  5. Rex says:

    I really think we should look toward Europe. I think getting someone from south-of-the-border just for their name is a cheap fix. Many Latin American fans have a good soccer IQ and know quality. I think its a major mistake to assume that they will come to games just for a single name. I see more Mexican players and fans coming to the Dynamo more naturally (ie a good franchise and a history of quality).
    I think the Dynamo should target European based players (which could be Latin American) to bring in fans of all demographics (Black, White, Asian, etc). I dont want the Dynamo to pigeonhole themselves into just one market no matter how large it may be.

    I have always said, it’s easier to sell soccer to a non-soccer fan than to sell MLS to a FMF fan.

  6. Daniel says:

    Guys lets be realistic here

    1. Were not gonna be able to Sign Diego Forlan,arguably one of the best forwards to ever play the game…mvp of the world cup…hes not coming to Houston

    2.Fans dont want to see a Chaco Gimenez or a Medina…We want to see a player who is on his National Team and who was in the World Cup …or has been at some point

    3.I disagree in getting ANY player from the Mexican league just because its so different from the MLS

    4. The best option has to be a player in Europe,who has some Latin American Roots..or a Player like D’Alessandro..he could of easily been on the Argentina World Cup Squad but look at their midfield…Javier Pastore(Barca-Madrid Target),Messi,Aquero,Bolati,Mascherano…He would be the Best choice out of that list because he carries the role of a DeRosario at CAM…but keep in mind his Team just won the Copa Libertadores….and just like neymar and chelsea…imagine how hard it would be to even talk about negotiating with Inter in Brazil

    5. A intersting option is bringing a player from the US National Team…maybe Demerit,Eddie Johnson,Felihaber….ect…Demerit..doesnt have a team…Johnson..doesnt get playing time…Felihaber has expressed his interest to leave…

    6.I would say its critical for the player to be at least younger than 30…we dont want a guy who lasts 2 years…

    7.Some interesting options i believe would be

    Clint have to realize his career is reaching ending point due to age….hes at fulham just as any other player…Here hed probably be the Most Important Player in the League..recall the TEXAN Connection he has..
    Tim Howard-The idea of having a GK DP is insane…but with his situation at everton anything could happen

    Giovanni Dos Santos/Carlos Vela/Andres Guardado-Struggling for Playing Time at clubs…Would be Superstars Here…

    MY 3 “DREAM DPS”
    1.Diego Forlan
    3.Anelka…would cause the most drama in the media…

    But in the End its almost 80% sure were going to get a Hispanic Player
    Probably a good 70% chance he is mexican
    The other 20% offers USMNT players or players like Anelka…with some European Background

    Hope the Dynamo Chose right…negatively or positively it will make a HUGE Impact for the Dynamo

  7. Daniel says:

    I think nebraskacoog is completely wrong…theres no way we could get Both Chaco and D’Allesandro
    Not only that…but

    “On December 13, 2008 it was reported on ESPN Deportes that the Los Angeles Galaxy had made a $10 million dollar offer to Internacional for D’Alesandro but was declined. Internacional vice president Fernando Carvalho was quoted; “The offer came from the Los Angeles Galaxy of the United States. I didn’t even want to listen to the details. The offer was for more money than we paid for D’Alessandro, who arrived here for five million euros, but we want to keep the Argentinian.”


    IF the LA GALAXY couldnt get him 2 years ago….imagine how can Houston get him?

    Glenn, I believe Henry was destined to come to The MLS and the NY REDBULLS …his Career had already more than completed with plenty of trophies…champions league…ect

    HE also had been expressing his desire to come and live in NY,his favorite city…i remember he came and played a Charity game one time at NY…

    Rafa Marquez was a much bigger suprise…

  8. Daniel says:

    I think nebraskacoog is completely wrong…theres no way we could get Both Chaco and D’Allesandro
    Not only that…but

    “On December 13, 2008 it was reported on ESPN Deportes that the Los Angeles Galaxy had made a $10 million dollar offer to Internacional for D’Alesandro but was declined. Internacional vice president Fernando Carvalho was quoted; “The offer came from the Los Angeles Galaxy of the United States. I didn’t even want to listen to the details. The offer was for more money than we paid for D’Alessandro, who arrived here for five million euros, but we want to keep the Argentinian.”

  9. J_C says:

    From that list my order will be: Di’Alessandro, Chupete Suazo, Forlan, and that’s it. I dont want gimenez or medina. I dont agree with freeing Ching, He is our team.

  10. Edwin says:

    Daneil, nice that you used a quote, not that I’m disputing this because this is something I heard of first hand when it happened, right after the Galaxy Bombed with Gullitt and Arena took over, but try placing the origin of your quote if you’re going to accuse people of using opinions and using sarcastic and obvious statements like Facts > Opinions

    So let me try to correct all that is wrong with your statement

    Opinion #1 that you mistake for a fact, how in the world would Dempsey be the biggest star in MLS when He’s not even the biggest star among US players? Dempsey has always had to sit as sidekick to Landon Donovan, specially as of late, despite the fact that Dempsey has had the more lucrative and successful Club career in terms of competing and succeeding at the top flight of Football in Europe, although I think Dempsey has never won anything at all at club level, he almost led them to a Europa League title which is huge deal. Dempsey also is not some “any other player” at Fulham, he’s lead them in scoring and has been among their top 2 or 3 scorers for YEARS now, and he’s highly respected in the EPL among players and fans, he’s Best XI material on most weeks in midfield.
    That’s not something I say, ask EPL fans from England and mainly non-Fulham fans.

    Opinion #2 Since when is Andres Guardado struggling for playing time? You just bunched him up with Dos Santos and Vela, but the reality is he’s been a starter for YEARS and recently took both of their PK’s to tie a game in La Liga. Dos Santos is still in limbo at Spurs but that’s also due to the best signing of the transfer period, Rafael Van Der Vaart, but he is getting more PT than before probably since Barca days. Vela also has gotten more chances and scored a few goals this year in league play and I think CL as well.

    Opinion #3 you imply that Benny Feilhaber wants to leave AGF Arhhus but the way you make it seem is as if you think he’s made it clear that he wants to come to the US and plays in MLS. Newsflash, he wants a transfer to a better league from Denmark where he’s played for a while. He wants to play in Spain or England.

    Oh since when does Tim Howard want to leave Everton? What “situation” is he experiencing now?
    Glenn has stated how dumb it was of Mo Johnston to spend about a Million and a half $ on Julian De Guzman, when there’s so many Holding/Defensive midfielders. Spending DP on a keeper is even WORST, you have any idea how many good goalkeepers there is? Plus when you have a guy like Hall and an academy product waiting why waste $$ on a keeper?

    Dude seriously I get that you want to get the right DP, but to get USMNT player because you think he would be a star is crazy, You need someone who can change the game, like it or not someone like Ljundberg or Kuffo now that he’s scoring well, or Barros Schelotto, or even Fernandez who is more of a DP because of his transfer rather than his salary.

    The other thing is AEG said Go big, do it right. That means someone who will impact the gate, ratings and generate tons of buzz as well as money. Gotta be European in my book, but could be someone like D’Alessandro, but doubt it since Inter values him the way MLS values Donovan.

  11. Edwin says:

    Glenn, I like all of them except Venado, never been impressed with the guy.
    As far as why Suazo or Gimenez I believe because they are QUALITY players who have played with their national teams Suazo is actually more of a starter although I think Gimenez might of not played when he did get called up if he did it wasn’t for long.

    They have the ability to help the Dynamo play with the type of Football which will display quality and technique something very lacking in all of MLS at the creative offensive positions, except for a few teams.

    Going for a Mexican player is tricky, the stigma of FMF/El Tri fans towards anything US or MLS involved is HUGE, they just don’t want to see us succeed because they know what awaits, no more will they have the pleasure of ALWAYS winning the Gold Cup and representing Concacaf at WC and Confeds Cup as well as Copa America.

    I love Forlan, no sure it can happen now, maybe in 2 years right before 2014 qualifying.

    Here’s some suggestions of my own:

    1) Adriano of Roma, has all the Physical attributes to succeed in MLS and is still young enough to play well, I think he’s not good enough to start in Europe due to the fact that his past problems are a big obstacle to take a risk on him. I know it’s a huge risk which is why you’d have to evaluate him but I think he may work, not sure how much he’ll attract fans though?

    2) Andrei Shevchenko of Shakstar Donetsk. Good proven goal scorer has even scored in UCL, European Championships, World Cup WC qualifying and he’s still doing it. He’s wife is American and he’s had some interest for a while to come play in MLS

    The rest have been mentioned, honestly Glenn I think timing is not great, there just aren’t that many guys in that state in their career where they might leave top flight Football. I mentioned Owen in your radio show, I think he could be great if he goes this season without any injuries.

    Anelka does sound good. What about Pablo Aimar? he’s at Benfica with Javier Saviola, creative guy who knows how to make plays for others and is not too old but might come to the MLS with the right offer?

  12. MoisesV says:

    Not sure if any Anelka would be realistic Edwin…but I like all your picks…Adriano has something to prove to himself but by next summer he may be ready to come our way…that would be huge…Shevchenko is also a really good pick if he’s still hanging around…nice!

  13. c.l. says:

    We all have our favorite players in leagues around the globe. I’m a fan of Gattuso in Serie A, Tevez in the EPL, Podolski in Bundesliga, etc., but as far as the FMF goes, I’d welcome bringing C. Gimenez to Houston all day long.

    Loads of folks are throwing out names just for the sake of throwing out names. Anelka, Shev, D’Allessandro… Regardless of the huge, boatload of money MLS/AEG would throw at these guys [insert sarcasm here], why would any one of those guys come to a hot, flat city where few to none are speaking their native tongue ? Certainly D’Aless speaks spanish, but Brazil is a whole lot closer to his native Argentina than H-town. We’re gonna have to catch a break and find an up-n-coming player that’s OK with leaving his home country and plans on using MLS experience to further his career later in South/Central America, etc. Enough with the aging stars, scout the 18-20 year olds.

  14. Glenn Davis says:

    Anelka is currently starting on what may be the best team in the world…need I say more?

  15. c.l. says:


    You needn’t.

  16. margo says:

    AH, yes, Podolski from Germany! That young man was on fire at the World Cup. I seriously doubt he even knows about MLS.

  17. Daniel says:

    Edwin, First off My name is not Daneil…

    Im going to give a counterexample for everything you just said

    The quote clearly says ESPN DEPORTES reported that news…

    Dempsey like has had much more success than Donovan in ways…you can say what you want but he is a more marketable player and has a attractive style of play and charisma that DONOVAN DOES NOT HAVE
    Dempsey scores goals and takes on players,and people want to see Goals(don’t bring up the World Cup goals because those are irrevelant)
    Secondly Quite Frankly Donovan is getting somewhat old in the mls,I have nothing against him but he really hasn’t done anything outside the mls
    Dempsey doesn’t start at Fulham USUALLY ,right now he is getting more playing time due to the fact their best player,Zamora,is injuried…
    You really made yourself look stupid by saying he is BEST XI Material…are you kidding me the EPL is the Best League in the World
    You have guys like James Milner,Walcott,Young,Gerrard,Lampard,Fabregas,Van De Vaart, Gareth Barry ,STUART HOLDEN is some ways better than Dempsey…

    #2How many games did Guardado start in the World Cup?
    Believe or not he has been struggling at his Club,its great he scored 2 goals of of pks….remember their pks…(like half of Donovan’s goals…)
    Dos Santos had his chance at Tottenhan….dont even start saying he didn’t…
    Carlos Vela…he gets a goal occasionally in the late stages coming on as a late sub when arsenal is usally up 4-0 vs teams like wigan….he doesn’t play much

    #3Read this article…
    Clearly if he has options in crappy leagues like Danish and Swiss then he probably wont take them,he would get paid more as a DP in the US

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the German team was one in the lower end of the table..
    You say he wants to play in Spain or England…but obviously they don’t offer him anything….so I just proved you wrong….The source here is his agent so don’t say im wrong

    Alright here is where im really gonna prove your comments wrong
    You say Tim Howard hasn’t said he wants to leave everton….

    He basically just said hes gonna come back to MLS at Some point
    And when your team is in relegation struggles you might want to come back home and get a big check…
    My point was these USMNT players aren’t in the BEST situation at a club..(like Holden or Edu whos career are exploding)

    They don’t get paid well,and if either of them came to a MLS team as a DP theyd be making Millions on their Salary and would be much more Highly Regarded for Actually playing in their home country
    You could argue before it wasn’t worth them to be in MLS because of the National Team…But players like Donovan,Bornstein,Findley,Ching,Buddle,Ricardo Clark(before his terrible transfer) have shown that you can play being in the MLS

    AND bob Bradley has stated Numerous Times that He trusts the MLS now and repects the league
    Players all over the Leagues will be getting more time on the USMNT

    Youre probably going to say look at the roster he just released
    Well MLS is in playoffs…but Omar Gonzalez,Tim Ream,Cameroon(probably),Buddle,Donovan,and numerous others would be on that roster…

    You say Ljundberg or N’Kufo(you spelt it wrong) are good Dps ….are you kidding me …they are HORRIBLE DPS,look at their salaray

    Ljundberg just got TRADED for Problems with the Clubs…How many goals does he have this season…N’Kufo just gets lucky goals but he will be done by the end of the year because of his fitness level and age…
    Barros Schelleto…I like…good Choice..
    Fernandez…I agree Great DP ,WC experience…but 1/5 people probably know who he is in Houston Soccer Market…same with Ljundberg and N Kufo …being in a HISPANIC Most Mexican Community theres no way we need one of these guys
    LIKE AEG SAID, The player has to be right for the Community ….not someone who is swiss or sweeden or Urugayan (diego Forlan Doesn’t Count)
    We need either a Hispanic,a player that Everyone knows(like a becham,or a USMNT player…

  18. c.l. says:

    Margo, “AH, yes, Podolski from Germany! That young man was on fire at the World Cup. I seriously doubt he even knows about MLS.”

    You’re probably right, as Bradley seems to think he needs to field teams full of Yanks playing in the Bundesliga, SPL, 2nd tier Netherland teams, etc., with a handfull of MLS players filling out the empty slots [Donovan, relax, you're safe]. Podolski surely would have little to no knowledge of MLS if he had to rely on a review of the USMNT roster for info.

  19. c.l. says:

    “You say Ljundberg or N’Kufo(you spelt it wrong) are good Dps ….are you kidding me …they are HORRIBLE DPS,look at their salaray.”

    Daniel, I wouldn’t be correcting anyone’s grammar at this point. If you can’t say what you mean, you’ll never mean what you say.

  20. sdflash says:

    What about Riquelme?

  21. Michael says:

    At this point, I’d be ecstatic if Stu, Ricardo and Dwayne would just come back…

  22. John Powell says:

    Wow, One of the better blogs I have seen for a long time. Still completely unrealistic wishfull thinking in most cases. Its going to be a European player for starters, how many Mexican/South American players do you know that play for the Dynamo ? Nada or Zilch. Until Kinnear goes it will be one dimensional English style of playing 4-4-2 and thats the bottom line. Technical players will never do well in that climate of 100 mph huff and puff direct style of playing, for example Landin was asked to play in a completely alien style than he was ever used too so to all the wishfull thinkers out there who want the Dynamo to go in that direction GET RID OF KINNEAR !

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