So how do the Dynamo re-build it?

This is a great question for you the fans to ponder. Bear in mind, finding the right DP, doing it all under the salary cap 2.7 million is a challenge for any club but based on past success.
With five games to go it is clear players are playing for their futures in Houston.

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WHAT DO YOU SALVAGE AND ASSESS THE CURRENT SITUATION ? I am sure the club will go over the current squad with a fine tooth comb. Who stays and who goes is the question but for sure you will look to free up cap space. What players do you want to stay? What players should go? How much change is necessary?

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THE DESIGNATED PLAYER: The Dynamo have been given the green light to go after a designated player or two and to go big as Tim Lieweke of AEG said. They will need to be your best players. A central midfielder certainly is at the top of the wish list as someone to play through and dictate the game. This needs to be a player that will win you games on his own on occasion. The fit has to be impactful both on and off the field. To wish for this player is one thing, to find him is another. The DP alone is not going to reverse the Dynamo fortunes, lets be real. It is a piece of the re-build. Does this player need to be from the Americas?

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REBUILD THROUGH THE COLLEGE DRAFT: Can the Dynamo find a few players out of the college ranks like LA and Bruce Arena did when he was re-vamping the Gals? Omar Gonzalez and AJ De La Garza were great acquisitions and took to the pro game naturally. That is the key, predicting if a player can make the transition. The jump is a large one but their are a dozen players around the country capable of it.
The Dynamo will have a pick in the first round. Can they find the next Danny Mwanga?
Could the Dynamo find someone in the USL currently that could be a contributor?

TRADES: The Dynamo can do it via the trade in MLS and recently dealt Brian Mullan. The truth about MULLAN is this…..Brian Mullan was going to retire if he was not traded . He did not want to stay another year in Houston. That is why the Dynamo dealt him in the hopes of getting something of value back.

THE FOREIGN ELEMENT: Will the Dynamo find some foreign talent that can be impactful that are not DP’s? Seattle with Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Freddy Montero, RSL with Javier Morales, Fabian Espindola and Alvaro Saborio have done it. LA has Juninho and two other young Brazilians while FC Dallas has done well with Colombian David Ferrierra………..

What are your thoughts on the team for next season?


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  1. Riley says:

    I think they need to determine role of Geoff Cameron first. Then I would like to see some competition brought in at outside back. IN our possession game the distribution of the outside backs is key. I don’t think it was at the right level this year. Center mid is a definite priority, but even more so is having the right player to play off of target forward Ching. I would love to see a creative quick forward that has a nose for scoring goals up there – think “Little Pea” not Landin. Good luck finding one of those available.

  2. John Powell says:

    Robinson,Mulrooney,Onstad,Weaver,Nagwenya,Oduro, Chaballa need to be moved on or retire.
    Move Hinault into the middle, get two new full backs, move Brad Davis inside, Geoff Cameron on the right,Lovell Palmer holding mid Corey Ashe on the left,Ching up top with DP. Use the college draft and released cap money to bring in three of four bench players and hope the coach understands gung ho 4-4-2 is not going to work all the time.

  3. margo says:

    Well we have not been too successful with south-of-the-border picks (Landin,Carracio). Are we so removed from Europe that we can’t look that way? One more question, you mentioned that Mullan would have retired if he had to spend one more year in Houston. Whats wrong with Houston? He was one of the most beloved players on the team and the fans showed it. Was it the weather? Hard to believe that this great city is judged that way. Maybe when Brian plays a home game in 20 degree weather he will remember Houston.

  4. kirk says:

    1st, Margo I’m sure nothing is wrong with Houston. But Mullan is from Colorado. I do not know his family situation but its not out of the realm of possibility that he wanted to be closer to family.

    2nd. Glen, I thing that the Dynamo could really benefit from having someone on staff whose sole responsibility is player identification, and I don’t mean making name badges…..
    Someone that has scouting responsibility and looks for potential players. Here, south of the border, or Europe….doen’t matter to me. Paul Daglish is available, perhaps he would be a candidate? He certainly has contacts in the UK and knows the USL after coaching there a year.

    3rd. The staf needs to decide soon after the end of the season, which players they are going to cut loose, which ones are expendable if they find someone better, and which ones are absolute keepers.
    identify 10 names for potential DP’s (as requested by AEG).
    identify 10 MLS players to target.
    identify 10 USL players to target.
    identify 10 College players to taget.

    Then go down the list and replace the guys you are cutting loose, and upgrade as you can.

  5. coop says:

    How about Gio dos Santos or Diego Forlan as another blogger suggested. LOL no but seriously, there has to be some real options to us. The trend for DP’s is aging players that are losing their spot in their European team. Bam look for those.

    Realistically, I’ld like a young player which we would have to gamble on. I say we sign Benny Feilhaber. I’m willing to bet we could get him without DP money and I would also bet he wants out of his recently relegated team.

    So many young talented players around the world. Convince them to give MLS a chance and show them the cash.

    Our recent Dynamo exports in the MLS have all had a rejuvinated careers elsewhere. Remind other MLS teams of this and start naming players. It’s not like they are going to see us as a sudden threat next year. I’ld say 2 years before we have the chemistry with new players to be a major contender again.

    We seriously need to revamp our defense. Get back to the basics of defend defend defend. It’s got to start with a new keeper. Maybe Tally Hall will work, not sure yet. Gotta be better than current Onstad or the Keg.

    We also REALLY need a new striker. We only have one threat in Ching and he is not putting them in enough to be a one striker team. Also, let’s face it, he’s getting up there in years.

    It’s simple to me:
    1)get players to prevent goals
    2)get players to score goals

    We have neither right now.

  6. margo says:

    MLS cannot afford to start catering to the whims of players when they start to long for the confines of their home state. If thats the case we would have lost our whole team when the holidays would come each year. We let DeRo go for wanting to be closer to home. Not sure if that is working so well for him. I am glad Serioux is back and hope that Hainault does not start whining for home. Surely these players know when they sign on the bottom line that they will be leaving mom’s cooking behind.

  7. coop says:

    Those are grown men you’re talking about. I don’t think it was mom’s cooking that makes them want to go at the end of their careers but more likely the desire to play for their hometown or state team at least for a year or two. Dero got to go as a matter of respect after years of service to the club from back in SJ. Mullan wouldn’t have been a Dynamo next year anyway. Jaqua and Cochrane both wanted to go closer to home and were left unprotected in the draft.

    Also Serioux scares me. He tries to get a red card every game he plays. other than his throw ins he is a walking, kicking, rough tackling liability. I cringe when he goes for tackles.

  8. J_C says:

    I agree with riley: define what Cameron is going to do. I can give you my opinion. Either keep him in defense where he excels or let him try right wing. He has been totally ineffective as center mid. Powell is saying the same thing I said after the wizards game. davis and palmer in middle, ashe left and cameron right. Why not try it?
    So, Mullan hated houston…hmmm, this is making me change my opinion about him.
    Our DP HAS to be a playmaker. either a #10 or a striker. DO NOT GET i repeat DO NOT GET a defender. I heard salcido was an option.
    i’ll comment more later

  9. Rex says:

    –Cut Cochrane and Robinson. Not worth their salary. If Robinson can work for $70k or less he can stay.
    –Cut Obodai. Sorry but just didnt show enough.
    –Let Onstad retire.
    –Trade Ashe. He is average and people over pay/trade for speed.
    –Do what it takes to sign the best CB in the draft.
    –Draft a midlfielder with limited physical ability but great ball skills cuz we have too many of the opposite.
    –Sign a journeymen career backup MLS defender that can play right and left back. Nothing special.
    –Sign a cheap average winger from USL or elsewhere. A veteran but not old, limited skills but the ability to work hard and go both ways.
    –Commit Cameron to only playing CB and defensive mid. He is too versatile to stick him in one place but he has got to have some consistency at some position.
    —–Above is what should happen. Below is just wishful thinking….
    –DP- I say we sign 2. We should sign an older well branded DP and a younger, talented face of franchise.
    My choices:
    Raúl and Jose Francisco Torres.

  10. Tom says:

    I agree with much of what Rex sats
    Let’s get Tally on the field for the rest of this year to get him ready for next year. Pat’s time is over.
    Cameron needs to be back on defense. He excelled as a center back and has been just ok in the midfield
    Robinson, Cochrane, Pat, Weaver and Oduro all need to be gone to make cap room.
    I would use a DP slot for a creative attacking mid.

  11. Glenn Davis says:

    Don’t read more into….Brian Mullan did not say he hates Houston, he made it clear that he would retire . I think it is fair to say that Mullan is a man of his word, thus prompting the move back to where he is from.

  12. Mark says:

    I wand to throw Christian”El Chaco” Giménez into the mix. This attacking midfielder played with Pachuca for many years and killed us. He was the second most memorable guy from the Pachuca team behind Miguel Calero (the pirate keeper).

    Christian join Cruz Azul this season. Don’t know if we can get him or not and he’s 29 this year.

    I’m not sold on the DP being from south of the border only. If Beckham can put a really good word in with Zinedine Zidane that would be very nice. Although it certainly appears Zinedine Zidane isn’t interested in playing professsional again.

    Dimitar Berbatov (his contract with ManU ends after the 2012-13 Premier League)
    I didn’t know about Dimitar Berbatov. That guy wants to start at Man U and isn’t getting a chance. With a big enough offer he & Man U might do a deal. Dimitar was pretty darn good the few times I watched him play this preseason.

  13. Mark says:

    I just don’t get why Oduro enchants Kinnear and Glen Davis? The guy can not finish. Period. As always, nice guy & hard worker. I don’t care how fast he runs or how he stretches the defense, it doesn’t result in many (if any) goals and general wears out our our team running down to support him to have him fumble it away or miss the goal – again.

    -Cochrane, Serioux and most likely Weaver probably heading for the door as well. Weaver did finally play well the first half of KC game though. That enough to keep him?
    -With Cruz’s enthusiasm and drive I think Ashe may be headed out for a draft pick. Ashe doesn’t seem to get past the “crossing” player role. When he has a shot he very rarely takes it. He’s so focused on on crossing he passes the ball away missing a chance.
    -Mulrooney probably a good player to come of the bench. I expect he’ll stay if he’ll take off the bench role.
    -Maybe the same for Robinson. Plays well generally, but has been uncharacteristically prone to big mental mistake this year. Perhaps a bench role for him as well.
    -I like Nguwena but he seems to have lost the spark.
    -Not sure of Obodai yet. Seems OK at times then really off game. To early to tell.
    -Lovell (apparently has a temper like R Clark used to have) looks like a keeper at holding mid.
    -Boswell seems to be slipping to me a bit this season. Didn’t have Cameron most of the season to cover when he was beat. Bobby and Hainault probably OK along with Chabala. Either Cameron remains in center D or they need a speed demon back to cover fast forwarrds. Oduro?
    -I think both Onstead and Ching should retire as Dynamo so they should remain. They both still do very well with a supporting cast around them. Future for goal is obviously Hall, but the forward spot is bare.

  14. Glenn Davis says:

    Not sure what you mean when you say Oduro enchants me? You need to explain.
    As for Berbatov he is Manchester United’s leading scoring with 6 goals. Had a hat trick in a 3-2 win over Liverpool last weekend and will be playing tomorrow against Bolton in the EPL.

  15. Rex says:

    Oduro isn’t a top MLS scorer (or even much of a goal scoring period), but he isn’t paid like one. He is paid MLS minimum salary and that should reflect his talent level. The fact that he has been forced to take on a role that is over his head doesnt mean that we need to get rid of him; it just shows where this team is. A forward with Oduro speed and great finishing is an MLS all-star and would cost more than we can afford.

    Oduro is a speedy role player; nothing more. He’s a 60′ sub to stretch tired defenses and the occasional starter when the match dictates speed. For $40k a year, that is good enough for me.

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