Sepp’s men in town and how he will make football more “free flowing”…….

The Fifa technical committee is in town today and will tour Reliant Stadium and our city. The hope here is that if the World Cup is awarded to the United States presumably in 2022 that Houston will be one of the cities that will be awarded some of the games. From a financial perspective from some reports the city would get energized with $350 million dollars if this were to occur.
Houston stacks up as one of the top soccer cities in the United States. The strength of the sport at the grass roots level, adult soccer level and the professional level is solid and full of potential and possibility. The general interest of the game here is at an all time high and is even beginning to cross into the mainstream a bit boosted by events like the MLS All Star game and World Cups.
The diversity of our city means many here are following the game worldwide as well, lets just hope these facts come in to play and our expressed by those involved who have the job of making these points known to Fifa Officials. In the end, all the visits to various markets are also connected to the bigger picture of having the committee pick the United States to host.
Could Texas have two cities represented if awarded? Can Dallas and Houston both be host cities? Or is Houston in competition with Dallas and the Jerry Jones palace?

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The way for MLS to continue to move forward is to get another two skilled, game changing like players on the field for specific teams. Players that have break-down capability, can on their own change the course of a game. Within the context of great team play these types of individuals are coveted and make the game more interesting for all involved.
During the World Cup we saw teams employing pairs of deep holding midfielders as a shield for defenses and defending with blocks of 8 players an attacking with 2 and 3 players and on occasion a 4th not risking much.
The lone striker was all the rage with a five man midfield. The fewest number of goals ever scored in group play was produced in South Africa.
So Sepp Blatter now just may be ready to make some changes in the of “free flowing” and “attacking” football.

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“We have to try to find a way to encourage free flowing football in tournaments like the World Cup, with teams playing to win. We plan to take the opportunity to look at the concept of extra time as well. Often we see teams set themselves up even more defensively in the extra time, in an attempt to avoid conceding a goal at all costs,” said Blatter to

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Blatter proposes the ideas of:

* Doing away with extra time and going right to penalty kicks would force teams to attack more.
* Possibly re-introduce the “Golden Goal”.

What are your thoughts on Blatter’s proposal? Did you believe the football played at the World Cup was overly negative?

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  1. Kirk says:

    No ……. going back to goalden goal or penalty kicks takes the coaches out of the game. I likes the chess matches we saw in this world cup. Defensive tactics made it possible for teams of all levels able to be competitive, and forced creativity from some of the favorites. TaKe NZ for example. The only unbeaten team of the World Cup….they didn’t advance , but they have something to build upon.
    A better solution can be found at the yoth soccer level. I have noticed more youth tournaments awarding 6 pts for a win, 3 for a tie with points for goals and shutouts. It seems to me that this encourages both winning games and scoring goals. By adjusting the “socoring” in this manner (or similar) FIFa could encourage a more active style of Futbol. They could even deduct pts based on yellow & Red cards etc……but while that might encourage less diving and more fair play, but it might also give refs too much influence…….just a thought.

  2. Mike says:

    I like the idea of adding goals scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game) to the traditional points total (3 for a win and 1 for a draw) during group play. A 0-0 draw gives you 1 point; a 1-0 win gives you 4 points; and a 4-3 loss gives you 3 points. Of course, this doesn’t help prevent defensive tactics during the knockout phase.

    I’d also like soccer to consider an “illegal defense” foul where there’s a “blue line” about 40 yards from the end line, and the defensive team must keep at least 3 players above that line at all times. A violation would result in some kind of high-risk set piece, like a free kick from anywhere just outside the 18-yard box.

  3. Edwin says:

    Getting rid of extra time just doesn’t help against the bunker down or park the bus crowd. It just means those teams have to endure the onslaught for 90 minutes instead of 120. Fines to the Federation and forcing of qualifying in empty stadiums might get them! But this is just another reason why you need GOAL LINE TECHNOLOGY! And seriously how long would it take a 4th ref to see replays when most TV networks have them ready while the team argues with the ref about how unfair the play was?

    You let the play develop if you think is iffy and then you let the 4th official it should be reviewed to verify or confirm it was indeed a valid offsides or not.

    Glenn I sure hope the US gets the World Cup, if FIFA wanted to cash in and quick, they would host it here in 2018. It would raise the popularity of the game to new heights, and also it might allow/force MLS to change their schedule to be aligned with FIFA. Take a break in the mid December to end of January season when most people will be watching NFL and College Football anyway to give the league a break for the Holidays, let the Cold pass and then start playing again in February, schedule most matches in February away for teams like New England, NY, DC, Phillly, Toronto etc.

    With a successful campaign this summer in South Africa and hopefully another round of 16 or who knows quarterfinals appearance 2018 could be HUGE and boost MLS to new heights, you might not see cities like Chicago, Houston, DC and New York (even Chivas in LA or where ever they end up) with less than 20K in each game. Salt Lake, Galaxy, Seattle, Toronto, Portland, Vancouver might be pushing the average pretty high looking into expansion of stadiums!
    Not only that but by 2018 as of right now, the only teams without their own SSS will be SJ, New England and maybe 1 of the expansion teams in Canada who may very well have it by then, but the point is it creates great training sites with room for fans to watch the teams train in every US city!

    I can imagine 2 teams settling in Houston, one training in the Dynamo stadium and the other in the training facilities. Dallas could host a couple with Pizza Hut Park, and a few other Campuses around DFW area!

    LA could host 5 teams realistically! HDC, UCLA, USC, Cal State Fullerton, Northridge and Long Beach would work as well as Pepperdine.
    God I hope come December 2nd we start asking who should host important matches and where would US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, Germany, England, Colombia, Spain, Japan, S Korea, and other countries who have tons of natives from those nations in the US would play?
    Can you imagine Nigeria vs Colombia or Mexico in Houston? Italy vs Japan in NY?

  4. manny rivademar says:

    I am still learning the beautiful game but it seems to me extra time does nothing to make the game better. The teams have just played 90 grueling minutes and are spent. Now they are asked to play an additional 30 minutes. Play slows down, there is a noticeable drop in performance because both teams are playing ., a.k.a. not to lose! .American sports on the other hand are decisive, games do not end in a tie! fans demand a winner and if the game ends in a tie in regulation time, a short period of extra time is allocated to determine a winner. For instance in Basketball it is 5 extra minutes, in Football the first team that scores from the 20 yard line is the winner. A coin toss determines who will go first. Hockey it is a shoot-out!
    The current format for soccer is too long in my estimation. If the first team scores in extra time, it has to wait a full 30 minutes of play before it’s declared a winner, providing the other team does not score. The possibility of a golden goal in extra time will bring more excitement to the game and produce a winner in less time and in a more thrilling fashion. The other option is to have penalty kicks for extra time to decide a winner! Both options in my estimation are better than the present format (jmo).

  5. k1p says:

    I wouldn’t change a thing. Coaches and tactics will adjust. As far as a competition between Dallas and Houston, I hope not. I would love to be close to two venues to choose matches to attend. BTW, I went to the America vs Chelsea match in the Death Star and hated it. That place is a cave. Even if the roof is open, its still a cave with a hole in the roof.

  6. MoisesV says:

    Hey Glenn, no podcast for the 2hr segment of Dynamo All Access??? Im usually pretty busy and only get to listen to them thru the podcast version..thanks…

  7. Edwin says:

    k1p, I’m curious, how many caves do you know of that seat 80-100K?

    Say what you want about Dallas but that stadium is among the best IN THE WORLD! Jerry Jones really did himself some favors with that one. Most places in the US, specifically NBA arenas and MLB stadiums, the sight lines are ruined for fans because only the ones in the bottom tiers and more expansive seats have a nice view of things, the middle part of stadiums, just like the economic middle class lol, have been reduced to nothing. It’s all about the luxury/corporate seats.
    Staples Center for me is great, I usually can only afford what you would call nosebleed seats even though is not that far up in a basketball arena, but the main reason they are so high is because the middle section is taken by Luxury boxes and suites!

    What I have seen and read from the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium is that the suites and boxes are spread all thought the stadium therefore the fans are still close to the action no matter what.
    What exactly is so much better about Reliant Stadium over Cowboys Stadium? Better public transportation, I’ll give you the parking since I’ve heard for NFL games it’s something stupid like $100 but as far as the actual stadium what does Reliant offer that is hands down better than Dallas Cowboys stadium? The way the anchored Columns hold the roof panels is genius, the best way to exemplify Architecture’s principle of Form follows function. Those arches give the fan a feel for the Structure and it is just as good as Reliant’s retractable roof? BTW do they EVER open up the roof at that place? What was the point of making it a retractable roof if they weren’t going to open it?
    I am hoping they keep it open for some Texans games but I’ve been to a few soccer games and they had it closed and didn’t look like they had opened for the All Star game or the Gold Cup last year

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