Not a New York City groove…..Dynamo downed by Red Bulls

On a cool blustery “Garden State” night the Dynamo woes continued against the New York Red Bulls in the regular season losing 4-0.
What struck me was just how much “deja vu” there was to last year’s regular season.

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A few thoughts:


You can’t sugarcoat this…the Dynamo are playing poorly and manager Dominic Kinnear stated they are not “sharp”.

From poor decision making to un-forced errors there was not a-lot to write home about last night .
The Dynamo now have gone 319 minutes without scoring a goal, only 2 goals in their last five games and both came from Ricardo Clark off his head on a corner and free kick.

The Dynamo are now 2-4-1 ahead of Portland at home on Sunday and now the hope lies in the return of Brad Davis, Kofi Sarkodie.

Still have not heard a report about Ricardo Clark injury situation.


The Dynamo struggled to keep up with the tempo, pace of the Red Bulls on the ball. That coupled with movement and mobility made it a difficult night. By playing it on the ground they nullified the aerial presence of David Horst and won the possession battle handily.

Their movement and mobility with Thierry Henry, Bradley Wright Phillips, Lloyd Sam and Eric Alexander could not be countered.

Henry in particular at 36 just reminded us of what an amazing player he was in his prime.

The work effort of hat trick man Wright-Phillips was exemplary while Sam and Alexander are all comfortable and decisive on the ball. It was just too much.

Despite that the Red Bulls were not impressive WITHOUT THE BALL DEFENSIVELY and much like last year’s semi-finals in the playoffs invited the Dynamo back in the game at the beginning of the second half with inexplicable decision making and choices from individuals.

The two center backs Jamison Olave and Armando both struggled at times and the Dynamo could have scored early but failed to convert.
Andrew Driver had two wonderful chances in the first half while Barnes and Bruin had decent chances but most were presented and gifted by the Red Bulls.


Yes it is a long season and when Giles Barnes says “Judge us at the end of the year” their is truth to that in a playoff based league but something seems deeper here.

Fans are beginning to question the lack of activity in the off-season which is a fair question at this point that is asked in any sport.

Yes Brad Davis did not play but what if he goes to the World Cup?
The depth of this team must shine through and at the end of the year something has to be gleaned from Omar Cummings and Alexander Lopez to help the cause one would imagine.
There is no such thing as a steady eleven in world football let alone MLS.

Yes there is still lots of time to turn things around but the Dynamo clearly have to analyze the current body of work and turn things around.

SOCCER MATTERS Espn 97-5 Tuesday at 7pm

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  1. JC_Austin says:

    Horrible. SO many goals in so few games. Defense has always been a strong characteristic of the dynamo but not this season. I think it is the time when the teams who have invested into their rosters will see the dividends. We have invested little to none, so we won’t see anything.
    Driver is starting to annoy me with the little penetration he has shown. Other than Boniek we lack de-stabilizing players who can open spaces for others with a single touch or a one on one dribble/skill.

    I feel that this will be thew year where we will be at bottom on the table all year and struggle to save face. All teams have those years and we are long due for a big slip like this. We have not done anything to strengthen our core of players. Those Rookie drafts and deals are good and have been good to us so far, but we cannot depend on those to keep a squad competitive year after year after year. Specially if everyone else in the league signed players here and there.

  2. c.l. says:

    HDynamo are a one trick pony right now, with no one on the team that other players are afraid to go up against. Even OBG has lost his flair and attacking style.

    Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and predicting a different result. When I see Sarkodie run down the right, I know he’s looking to cross it in. When I see Ashe with the ball, I know he has no right foot. When I see Bruin running down the field with the ball at his feet, I know he’s going to eventually touch it too far out in front of him and he’s going to lose possession. These things are givens, and if I can see them, so can the rest of MLS.

    These guys should be out at HASP running plays till sundown, every day.

  3. William says:

    Glenn- How right you are, reference Thierry Henry. A true pleasure to watch him when he’s on his game. Has gone from outstanding scorer, to field general supreme.
    Vision on the field, weight and placement of his passes, ability to make the difficult look easy, second to none.
    This guy is underappreciated superstar. Glad to say I saw him play in person.

  4. Tinman says:

    Out coached and outplayed again.
    What nobody is talking about,is the dynamo staff seems to not know their players. Davis hurt when he should have been given a night off,Clark hurt,Creavalle asked to play big matches after missing the entire preseason. This also point out a dynamo weakness on the flanks at midfield and defense
    Why have players on the bench if they never see the pitch!
    Coaches put players in position to use their skills ,this team is a train wreck. NY seems to use Henry but we can not use ours?
    Davis is not playing, get over it and play

  5. Jeter says:

    Kofie Sarkodie is the only Dynamo player I’ve seen that can slow Henry down and his absence was definitely apparent on this night. I love Creavelle and what he brings to the table but he looked out of place trying to play right defense. I like Driver too but he’s been looking one dimensional lately. Brad Davis is always missed when he’s out but even he couldn’t have stopped what NY had planned this day.

    Kinnear needs to utilize his subs earlier. Like clockwork he makes subs in the 70th minute but at that point we’re ALWAYS chasing the game. I remember a game where Kinnear was out due to being ejected and the Assistant Coach put in subs shortly after the half, maybe the 55th or 60th minute and we won against a tough opponent. All the other coaches of teams that have beaten us, adjust and make subs during the 50-60th minute and they beat us, taking advantage of tired players who don’t want to admit they’re tired.

    There’s lots of miscommunication going on with the Dynamo on all fronts. Kinnear needs to right this ship while it’s still early.

    Lastly, why are the Dynamo so poor in front of goal? Why can’t they just shoot low driven shots? Why do they have to kick it 20 yards over the goal? It’s crazy! They can kick a long ball to a teammate, across the field, or hit a firm pass during the run of play but they can’t pass a firm shot into the goal???? Kinnear should bench Barnes, Driver, Bruin, Cummings, and whoever else that can’t seem to even let the opposing goalie act like he needs to catch the ball and make them do shooting drills for 2 weeks straight. #frustrated

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