Five burning soccer thoughts!

A couple of things fresh on my soccer mind for your to opine on or respond :

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1.) The stadium does still remain the biggest piece to this 2012 soccer season and no one can deny the excitement and all the possibility that it opens for the growth of the Dynamo as a brand and the overall sport of soccer. Don’t get your goad up about the fact that other events will take place in the stadium. It is a necessity. Sixteen Dynamo games won’t cut it financially and American Football, rugby, concerts like the recently announced Sugarland are a part of the stadium. These additional events which bring more foot traffic and dollars was a must in getting the stadium deal done.

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2.) How about those El Salvador players? Would Jamie Alas, Isidro Guitterez, Lester Blanco, and Andres Flores fit with the Houston Dynamo.
One thing is for sure, the Dynamo staff might just be monitoring them this weekend as they play to go to the Olympics against Honduras.
A player from El Salvador that could produce on the field here in Houston could be a great draw for a city that many from the Central American Nation call home.

3.) After the stadium the the next most important issue that fans of the Dynamo go directly too is a designated player or player additions.
The Dynamo continue to look for additions to the club and a midfielder and striker are coveted. The fact of the matter in MLS is that you can improve on the fly.
The Dynamo are organized, competitive game in and game out and might be seeking out more of the cutting edge during the run of play. Most coaches that I talk to in MLS do not like playing the Dynamo. Still, does the cutting edge and more playmaking and ideas come from Luis Camargo and future acquisitions?

4.) Barcelona can’t score against AC Milan. Is this really the end of the world? I guess we are so conditioned to seeing the Messi led Barca score bushels of goals and when they don’t come we get reaction. Still imagine if AC Milan were to get the game’s first goal at the Nou Camp in the second leg? I still see Barcelona advancing against the Italians.

5.) Inability to play 90 minutes. That was sort of the theme for the U.S. in their loss to Canada and their unfortunate draw against El Salvador. Did we see some moments of brilliance? Yes of course we did. Did we see naive play, frenetic defending, sub-par goal-keeping and a times the inability to wrap a pair of arms around the game from a control standpoint? Yes.
In the end it was not enough. For those that have focused on the goalkeeping error of Sean Johnson take a look at what happened with a soft U.S. midfield prior to the Jaime Alas goal. Not sour grapes but Alexander Larin of El Salvador absolutely cracked Terrence Boyd across the face and should have been sent off, sure this could have changed the mentality and comeback spirit of El Salvador.
In the end this is a re-boot for U.S. soccer much like the 1998 World Cup, 2006 World Cup. A missed opportunity for experience in a large event but a “real” opportunity for U.S. soccer to continue to look at itself and the future. Hint…..all roads lead back to player development system in our country.

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  1. Brent says:

    Where are the repercussions from CONCACAF for Alex Larin. Why is there no suspension for an obvious punch?

    How does an MLS official call a CCL game with a MLS team in it. Although I love to hear the Mexican coach whining, and complaining after the game about bad officiating. Doesn’t go down very well does it Mr. Galindo, welcome to our world. Is CONCACAF able to do anything right.

  2. Glenn Davis says:

    Pretty amazing based on how obvious the off the ball incident was.
    Has anyone heard of a suspension for him?

  3. William says:

    Burning question on my mind- How come it’s so difficult for Luke Rodgers of NYRB to get a visa, yet thousands of illegal aliens cross our border daily uninterrupted ??
    Go figure !

  4. glenndavis says:

    He is trying to come legally and I believe he has past legal troubles.

  5. Coach H says:

    Burning question Glenn:

    What will Coach H wear in his first playoff game with Pearland on Tuesday night? Shirt and tie? Sweater vest? The butter leather jacket he borrowed from Coach Hyndman of FC Dallas?

    Decisions, decisions!

  6. Glenn Davis says:

    Go with the AVB suit and tie, I mean the Roberto Di Matteo suit and tie.
    No Chelsea blue, go with school colors.

  7. Coach H says:

    Coach H already has the AVB crouch down pat! I even have mastered the Mourinho stare. Still working on trying to figure out how to get referees to give us Fergie Time. Give me some added time for that one!

  8. Cory says:

    Glenn, the problem is player development, and not the fancy shmancy Bradenton and Academy type. The problem is that 95% of our nat players are put in a pool of ‘elite’ players by age 14 and only train with and play against ‘elite’ players. They don’t have the experience, which is necessary in this region, of training with and playing against central american ‘thugs.’ They don’t know how to play calle, aka street soccer. They have never shown up to a park and challenged another group of guys to a game of futsal. Another problem is that discipline has been preached….”don’t talk to the ref” “don’t get in shoving matches” “don’t cheekily clip the other players heels or pull his jersey.” That is part of the game in this region and everywhere in the world….and plain and simple… out ‘elite players’ just aren’t street smart! I’d bet $10 that the u23s were told not to get into it with the other team or ref….if that was my team and one player saw that cheap punch I sure as heck hope at least 5 of my players rushed that kid and surrounded the ref…. if not to get him expelled, at the very least to waste time and slow their momentum. But here in america, ‘elite players’ are taught to do the EXACT opposite.

  9. coop says:

    Cory, what you described is called acting professionally. Street ball is called street because that is where it belongs. Just because others play that way doesn’t mean out nats should, they are and should be held to a higher standard. I would hate a team that plays how you suggest. Also, tell Clint Dempsey he isn’t street tough.

  10. glenndavis says:

    Advancing what we do with 16-18 year olds in this country is key.

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