Dynamo take second on road with win in San Jose

Taking the full 6 points in two matches is a thing of beauty for the Houston Dynamo.
A 14th minute pk from Brad Davis after Jon Busch clattered into Brian Ching would be the difference. This was a clear penalty.
The Dynamo would be the better team in the first half and become defenders of the Davis goal in the second.
Tally Hall came up with timely saves and San Jose became more proactive with Marvin Chavez and Tressor Moreno inserted into the lineup. Their presence alone changed the game for the Quakes who surprisingly did not use Simon Dawkins on loan from Spurs.
Tally Hall would make the timely saves including a one on one against former Dynamo Chris Wondoloski.
The road is frequently not always artistic but when a team wins two road games in a row it can be galvanizing.
Jermaine Taylor filled in ably for Cory Ashe and the workmanlike performance got the road points under heavy pressure in the second half from the Earthquakes.
This week Dominic Kinnear again used four strikers but brought on Calen Carr and Cam Weaver earlier.
Notably the game at ATT I believe did take away the normal home field advantage that the Quakes might have gotten at Buck Shaw.
A full 6pts and no goals conceded sounds pretty good right now for the Dynamo.
Thoughts and observations?

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  1. jorge says:

    Don’t be fooled by these two victories we have a decent defense that could/will get better and a very strong midfield but as usual… our strikers get nervous when they have the ball and don’t know what to do especially when confronting the keeper. We had that game, houston controlled most of the match except the last 15 minutes, carr and clarck need more playing time.

  2. Marco says:

    Could use more speed up front.

  3. Carlos says:

    Bringing in Weaver(Ultra Slow), for Bruin was not an upgrade. Carr for Ching was the right move. Ching is holding the ball up well but is slowing down in the 60th minute. Saving his legs to last the whole season is the smart thing to do.

    Kandji should be the other sub not Weaver. I am not sure what Coach Kinnear sees in Weaver. His trade for Wondolowski looks horrible when they are put side by side. Wondo’s 35 or 36 goals over two seasons ecllipses anything Weaver could have possibly done. You can argue that Wondo would have never gotten a chance under Kinnear but it still looks like a horrible trade.

    All of the strikers we have traded away, have done better than in Houston by an order of magnitude. Oduro, Kamara, DeRosario, Wondoloski. These guys’ total goal production last year alone was around 70+. Where would we be with that number of goals?!?!?

    Kinnear’s system provides us with exceptional defense but not much goal production. A more open attacking style with less bad consequences for being creative in the attacking third could help us put teams away without so a ton great plays on defense would not have to determine our ” by the skin of our teeth ” victory.

    Where is the promised DP? What happened to the Gio Do Santos rumor?

  4. Tinman says:

    Things are working out great. two matches and two wins. Looks like the old German style of play still works ,control the middle, play good defense and good combination play. We need to work on the latter more.
    The Striker’s will sort themselves out. I agree that Ching needs to rest more. The classic big and fast grouping could be used more but why limit yourself the season is young and the guys are not in form yet.
    The midfield was helped by the rain because it slowed things down and the passing improved. I would love to see Clark or Carr play the attacking mid. Watson is doing ok, not great. He is holding things down ok. Could Carr or Kandji help at the RMF? Dixon needs to get more pt like Corey use to get in the last last twenty minutes or so in a match.
    Defenders had trouble finding the target players in the midfield the last ten minutes.
    The Defense and the team looked tired in the last twenty minutes of the match. The season is too young for us to be playing that way. Glad to see Taylor get some PT. WE will need him when Cam gets called up. Hope Corey gets well fast. Would love to see him in a USMNT jersey

  5. Jay Kay says:

    Don’t be fooled. Champions find a way to win. 2-0 with two shutouts? What is this, August already?

  6. Jarrambide says:

    With so many away games in a row, 2 wins in a row is great, heck, some teams go a full season with 3 or 4 away wins and we already have 2.

    Do we have a great team?, Probably not, but we have a good team, a great coach and apparently a lot of order, I will take a 1-0 win defending for 30 minutes against losing 4-3 with lots of attacking.

    It worked for Mexican champion Tigres, it is still working for them, order, order, order, lets just get into the post season and then everyone starts from zero.

  7. c.l. says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the HD are one of the most non-attack minded teams playing in MLS today. You win a PK in the 14th minute, then play the remaining 75 defending your own goal [save for a couple forays up the field] ??? You gotta put your foot to their throat, boys, and keep pressing. No one’s getting to get any scoring confidence by playing a defensive minded game behind the center circle. I know, I know, only two games in with 6 pts, but this [as well as the game before it] was no overwhelming win and/or cause for celebration. RSL and LAG are going to eat our lunch unless we find some offense.

    “…become defenders of the Davis goal in the second.”. Really, you’re going to defend a one goal lead for 75% of the game ?

  8. Jeter says:

    Everyone loves goals, goals, goals and more goals. It’s true, goals win games and defense wins championships. As long as Houston keeps people from scoring and we get at least a goal or two we will win another championship. True, it won’t be as fancy as others would like it. The wins may not be as pretty as The Galaxy with their 3 DP’s or New York with their DP’s but the Houston Dynamo train which is “tried and true” will win another championship this year. I thought this particular game was terrible though. Watson has a lot of heart and reminds me of Danny Cruz but he passes terrible and cost us many unforced turnovers and errors. He has no vision and makes bad plays thus the game didn’t flow freely. This should change when Camargo comes back fit. Our defense is good and should get better as Taylor plays with Cameron, Boswell, and Hainault more. I wish Ashe a speedy recovery. His speed, footwork, and knowledge of the game were surely missed.

    Usually teams go for the tie or 1 point when on the road and wins at home. If we had more fire power like some of the other teams in the league, then you can go for a full 3 points everywhere but that’s not the case with Houston. I understand when Dom’s doing with the team, he knows how to win championships and he knows how to work his players. This is not a flashy team, it’s a hardworking, blue collar team that’s honest and puts in an honest days work. This may sound cliche but it’s true. Fans wanting a flashy team should look at Kansas City, Galaxy, or watch FC Barcelona or something.

  9. manny rivademar says:

    Glenn: The Orange have a great defense and yesterday’s game showed it. Reminds me of the great Italian teams who would defend after getting one goal. To complete this team and make it truly super, we need a wing man and possibly a true goal scorer. I feel Camargo when he finally plays, will make this team much better and the attack will produce more goals. Meanwhile, the defense is superb and I hope everyone can stay healthy most of the year and beat the Galaxy in the final game. I like what I see. Go Orange.

  10. coop says:

    3 more points. 15 to go for that perfect BBVA opening! I believe it.

    On a side note, how bad is Watson? I cringe when he gets the ball. That is if he isn’t whiffing it completely.

  11. c.l. says:

    You know what it is ? I’m not a fan of mediocrity, and I feel that’s what I’ve seen through last two games.

  12. Tom says:

    So what’s the over/under on when a forward will actually score a goal? While 3 points is 3 points, it sure would be nice to have a forward that could, you know, actually score a few goals…

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