Deep defending DC gets cut down at BBVA by Dynamo

Not a big fan of deep defending teams but I do understand why managers do it.
Last night DC United came into BBVA Compass Stadium and set up in exactly this manner, a manner which other teams will attempt to duplicate when they come in to play the Dynamo throughout the year.
Fact is opponents will need to gather more road possession and take a bit more risk if they want to get anything at BBVA Compass Stadium. They will need to find ways or the confidence to put the Dynamo under more pressure.
Easier said then done.

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You felt it and you knew it even in the last ten minutes that the Dynamo would score and continue their unbeaten streak at home. They got an own goal off the head of James Riley and then a Rico Clark blazer to end the scoreline at 2-0!
DC United manager Ben Olsen was doomed on this night when the decision to suspend Dwayne DeRosario (the only decision) came down from MLS preventing him from playing in this game dulling their attacking sword immensely.
Rest assured against his former team DeRosario would have provide more moments of duress and unpredictability . Here are some thoughts on the Dynamo 2-0 win which was well deserved!

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Well really two men of the match!
The word on the street came down that Barnes would get the start and my worry was the limited space he was getting against DC United who did not come to play and laid back limiting space.
To his credit his persistence paved the way and his drive to earn corners and press defenders was impressive. Would love to see him in the role behind Will Bruin against a team that plays more open. Lets hope so in the future.
On this night he was unlucky to score as Bill Hamid the DC United goalkeeper made a stunning save to keep him off the scoresheet.
RICARDO CLARK also helped set the tempo driving and getting into the penalty area like he has worked on in pre-season. He is more offensive minded positionally at this juncture and played a big part in the OG by James Riley and then rifled a finish into the upper corner from an oblique angle in the 89th minute to provide the capper to a solid win.
Kudos also to midfielder Adam Moffat who worked and made the occasional run forward from a deep position.

Things were not clicking one hundred percent for the Dynamo which is normal at this time of the year. Passes sometimes were weighted to heavy and over or under hit but the impressive thing was the squad remain patient and not frustrated against a team who came just to defend and hope. The Dynamo looked far more mature than DC United.

It happened in the first half when the Dynamo were looking for the tactic changing goal.
Brad Davis looked uncharacteristically uncomfortable stepping up to take a penalty which was saved.
Remarkably moments later DC earned a free kick outside their penalty area.
Chris Pontius skimmed a great attempt off the top of the crossbar.

Dominic Kinnear made great choices going to the bench bringing on the savvy veteran Brian Ching who promptly earned a free kick and simplified the game.

On a night when players got to the end line and could not find the final ball Warren Creavalle came off the bench , got to the end line and produced a wonderful effort by remaining composed and picking out Ricardo Clark with substance.
Clark then hit a stunner into the upper corner.
The goal really lifted the crowd and made the win more satisfying as opposed to just getting a result off the own goal.

This will be an area that certainly Brad Davis and Boniek Garcia can provide but this will be a big part of the contributions of Kofi Sarkodie and Cory Ashe throughout the year.
Not only will they need to get in the attack but they will need to give strikers a chance with quality service.

The Dynamo were alive from the start in front of an excited crowd on a wonderfully cool night. No one can ever deny these players play for each other and that comes from the manager.
This game could have been far different if the Dynamo had gotten a first half tactic changing goal from Adam Moffat, Brad Davis, Will Bruin and Giles Barnes who all had great chances to score that goal and force DC to come out.
Still amazed that teams think for 90 minutes they can come to BBVA and sit back and hope for that one magical moment.
MLS teams are going to have to come up with a different plan in the future.
In the case of DC it was Pontius who provided the only danger as Lionard Pajoy did little on a night where it was an exercise in concentration for the Dynamo back four who rarely got challenged.


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  1. tinman says:

    Great way to open the season.
    Loved the new wrinkle of the 1-1-4-4.
    Barnes played good he will get better when the guys understand the forward position change. I did not see Bruin and Barnes switch enough. I want to see Bruin play the AMF role with a Stronger player playing the holding position. Bruin does need to work on his air game. Clark was very good last night hope he can keep it up.
    I thought that Hall commanded his box which he did not do enough last year. Did not like his new kit, guess i am old fashioned. Keepers use to wear black and then gold, god knows what now days.
    I also believe we need to have another PK kicker. IT is too easy for a team to watch one player on film to prepare for a match.
    The unsung heroes were our outside backs. Ashe and Sarkodie. I believe they have a chance to play for the USMNT.
    Go Dynamo

  2. Jeter says:

    All credit to Hamid, he’s a good goal keeper. I like having Brad Davis take our penalty kicks because I know he’s accurate and that he’s not going to blast it over the crossbar like DeRo use to. Brian Ching always does his little stutter step before he chips or floats it in so he’s just as predictable as anyone else in my opinion. I did like how Colin Clark blasted his penalty kick in warp speed last year with no fear, mostly because he brought an element of unknown to taking penalty kicks for Houston (I think Brad had missed one earlier that game? Not sure?) In all honesty, I thought Brad looked a little uneasy taking the kick as he prepared and approached the spot, maybe it was the weather?

  3. KPHAM says:

    I did not see Pat Onstad last night. Is he still with DC United as a goal keeping coach.

  4. Lantz OCU says:

    I noticed a few small changes to the players this year.
    Bruin looks skinnier.
    Moffat looks faster.
    Rico is even more motivated.
    I like Barnes up top, he is very dangerous.
    Ching looked a bit more agile.
    Hall was more demanding of his players. Reminded me of good ole Onstad which i think works for Toronto now.

  5. c.l. says:

    I want to see more of Warren Crevalle, and not just in CONCACAF, Lamar Hunt games. I thought he brought some intensity and skill to the game that…well…, that Brad was lacking.

  6. glenndavis says:

    Who would you like him to play for?
    Also what is wrong with playing against Santos of Mexico in Champions League?
    A huge game of importance.

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