Conversation with Kinnear/ More on Dynamo player acquisitions

Dynamo manager Dominic Kinnear was excited to have his squad back on the field for the opening of pre-season today.
Here are a few quotes from the head man:

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“It was good to get back together. For me there is no better place to be then on the field. Everyone is excited and the attitude was excellent.”


“We try to get as many games as possible. We have roster spots to fill. Our pre-season is six to eight weeks. The first week we play the Academy team, HBU and San Jacinto. If guys struggle against them it makes it easier.”


“It was big money we were throwing at him. We tried our hardest, it’s frustrating.”

The Dynamo also have in camp Darryl Roberts from Trinidad and Tobago, 26, a striker that is on trial through their trip in pre-season to LA. Roberts has played in both the Netherlands and in Turkey.
He went to Liberty College, has represented T&T and started at Sparta Rotterdam in Holland where he scored 13 goals in 34 games. He then went to Denilzispor in Turkey where he struck 28 times in 80 games.
Prior to these clubs he was a member of the Carolina Dynamo.

Dominic Kinnear has recently been down in Honduras taking in Motagua against Real Espana . This was reported in the Honduran press the Dynamo still seem linked to Oscar Boniek Garcia a wide midfield player.

The Dynamo also had interest and contact with former UNAM Pumas and Mexican International Pablo Barrerra but were not able to strike a deal despite their interest. Barrerra likely would have come at a high cost as he is currently on loan at Zaragoza on loan from West Ham United.
Fans should also realize that the Dynamo are compromised of two ownership groups and both I assume likely will have to sign off on any player acquisitions. One group may be all for a deal but it could get shot down by the other.

Twitter: GlennDavisSoc

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  1. David says:

    I have been very patient with the Dynamo in their hunt for a big name signing, and I understand we do not have as much money as some of the other teams in MLS. But still, it seems that other teams are adding big names to their roster left and right, nonstop, and we haven’t had one of those in six years. It’s ridiculous to think, but even Montreal looks like they’ll have a big name DP before us, a really big name DP. Needless to say, it’s hard not to grow a little impatient by now. Wish somebody super rich would by out AEG’s portion already, because we know they don’t like putting up big money for big time acquisitions.

  2. MCvdB says:

    Thx for keeping us updated. I apologise in advance for being a “grammar police”, but as a journalist, you must do better with “there, their, and they’re”. Just see last sentence of this article. I’ve noticed it several times in your past articles and hoped others would correct you, but alas, it has fallen to me to be your editor.

  3. Ramiro says:

    Barrera would have been awesome for the dynamo. Danny Cruz has some of the same qualities that Barrera has but Barrera is better of course. Would’ve been awesome. Not just saying that because I’m a Pumas fan. BUT pumas has a player just as good as Barrera, same position, and same skills. Javier Cortez…and might be cheaper than Barrera.

  4. glenndavis says:

    No problems MCvdB, you are officially hired. This is a one man show.
    Ramiro can’t compare Barrerra to Cruz, Barrerra is on another level and far more experienced and skilled. Danny still evolving as a player who has excellent energy but we are talking about two players on different levels at this stage respectfully.

  5. Berlin says:

    Well, I guess I hadn’t gotten my hopes up to high on Boyd, but I really wanted to. Thanks for crushing my almost dreams Glenn. All this talk of getting a DP is messing with my emotions too much. We should just sign Landin and get it over with.

  6. c.l. says:

    So we got rid of Danny Cruz for…. ? We got some cash, but no one to spend it on ? Every time I turn around I hear about folks we’re interested in, and folks who are not interested in us. I don’t know about you, but I still believe in the old adage of ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. I’m not working in the HD front office or for Dom, but it sure seems/seemed silly to get rid of an ambitious, energetic player when you have no replacement lined up. Why are we looking at 27+ year old guys [OB Garcia] to replace a 22 year old ?

  7. Ramiro says:

    I didn’t say Cruz was just as good as Barrera (same level). I did say Barrera was a better player but I’m a fan of Pumas and I remember seeing Barrera when he first made t up from the “cantera” (reserves?) and Cruz kinda reminded me of that. Javier Cortez took over Barrera’s spot when he left and it was as of they never missed a beat because Cortez is like a clone of Barrera. And if u wanna go even further, there’s a young player named Orranthia that plays the wing also and is very good, fast, upcoming player. Won the Concacaf u20 with Mexico. I think pumas and Chivas are good teams bringing up young players that can probably be picked up cheap. Of course I say most of this as a pumas fan and follower but I’m pretty sure there are plenty more options of young players in Mexico.

  8. glenndavis says:

    It is obvious that DC has put a higher valuation on Danny Cruz. He was not counting against Dynamo salary cap during time due to Adidas Generation contract. With Cruz moving on the Dynamo have Colin Clark (great skill set) and Jevaughan Watson who could play out wide. Moving Cruz in my opinion means the Dynamo are looking to sign another wide player with different qualities than the ones they currently have.
    That in my opinion means a more “traditional” winger.

  9. Michael says:

    I’m disappointed Boyd didn’t take our offer. Making a visit over here seemed to signify he was considering the offer, but I am curious why he didn’t take the offer. Is he holding our for more money? Does he still want to give it a go in Europe?

  10. c.l. says:

    I don’t know, Glenn. I’m no talent scout [just an armchair analyst, apparently], but I don’t see J-Watson in an outside midfield position…

  11. del piero says:

    Great stuff Davis!

    I dont know what MCvdB is so concerned about. He (or she) used “Thx” in their post. I think the “Grammar Police” would lock someone up and throw away the key for such a travesty.

    That just proves the point that in an internet media and news age there are different rules as to what is acceptable and not acceptable. I couldnt find the “there, their & they’re” incident, however the point is, the meaning was obviously understood despite incorrect usage. Just as I knew you meant “thanks” with your “Thx”.
    I agree you should hold yourself to a higher standard and that there is a difference between what is actually correct and incorrect. Yet it seems absurd to trifle yourself with such matters. I really think you are missing the forest for the trees. In light of such, I just wanted to step in and show my support for the information and insight we receive from Glenn.

    On another note. What do you think about Jurgen’s emphasis on fitness in the three week camp he had with USMNT? I really like his approach and liken it to Andres Agassi’s dedication to fintness that redefined his career and brought further glory. Im looking forward to seeing what benefits we can receive from this mentality between now and Brazil 2014.

    Live the game!
    del piero

  12. coop says:

    Considering this is a personal and un-edited blog and not a published column I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s format is designed to allow the author’s own voice to come through, grammatical errors, unique contractions, and all.

    Shame about Boyd. Maybe he, like so many others that have been around, didn’t like the city. It’s not that big of stretch. It’s my home-town and I love it for that reason but given the choice there are at least 100 other places I would rather reside. For instance I currently live in Austin. Seems to me it will continue to be difficult to attract affordable young (or any) talent to Houston purely based on the weather. Not to bad-mouth the place but I feel realism is important. It’s a swamp. Let’s accept that and throw more money at players.

  13. Glenn Davis says:

    Lots of great posts here.
    Houston weather very well could be an issue when a player from Europe makes a decision to come to MLS.
    Sad but true. Houston has many things in it’s favor thought that we gain benefit from, cost of living, no shoveling of snow, large city centrally located that is the gateway to South America, arts, sports, culture and more.
    So there, so their, so they’re!!! Just have some fun MCVD B :) !!
    I do like what Klinsmann is doing and as stated in the prior blog when is the last time that we have had a World Cup winner and European Championship winner coach our national team? I am as big a supporter of the American coach and player that their is but I am always open to the ideas of others and expertise of others!!
    Twitter: GlennDavisSoc

  14. mattoomba says:

    Not sure what the problem is regarding Mcvd’s suggestion. Glenn certainly wasn’t offended by it. He’s pretty durable and can take criticism, particularly when it’s constructive criticism. He’s a pro.

    Using the wrong your/you’re, there/they’re/their, its/it’s, and similar solecisms can often make the meaning of the sentence harder to decipher. And if you force the reader to stop to re-read, you sometimes lose him. Also, fairly or unfairly, if writing looks mistake-filled, people often assume the content is mistake-filled or the opinions are poorly constructed. We’re judged by sometimes superficial factors…that’s why game commentators wear business suits and not track suits on TV–to convey the air of authority and professionalism.

    Still, with the speed at which the internet allows us to communicate, it’s easy to type something quickly and include a few typos. I’m sure I’ve got a few in here. Nevertheless, if it’s a repeated mistake, what’s wrong with learning to fix it? It’s no more insulting than learning when a 3-5-2 is more appropriate than a 4-4-2…and Glenn already has that down…

  15. Garret says:

    I loved Cruz’s energy but I don’t understand the strange idea that we are any worse without him. Let alone what we would have had to pay him to keep him. We still have two players (Clark & Watson) who have played that position and certainly did no worse than Cruz. And lets not forget about Alex Dixon. I remember when he cracked that goal in stoppage time and (if you remember, Cruz was injured) a guy said, “Cruz may have just lost his job.” Certainly an overstatement but given the two, I’d rather move forward with Dixon. Personally I would love to see us sign both OB Garcia and Costly (I know, not going to happen). But I think the two would do very well together and while Costly didn’t quite fit last year, I think he would fit perfectly with our roster right now. I would love to see us give him another go.

  16. Tinman says:

    Do not think Costly will help. We are very thin at the Forward Position. If somebody gets hurt things will really be bad there. I would rather resign Garvey who will hustle and do the right things on the pitch.
    We need to sign somebody having $ and losing a player like Cruz is folly.

  17. Glenn Davis says:

    I do think Costly return at right price would be interesting. He fit in with squad, gave A effort and did not realize his goal scoring potential in half a season. He still could be the type of player that with a full pre-season could score goals for you. Worth the risk at the right price. His best game was in Portland when he dropped into midfield to help secure vital Dynamo win.

  18. Tinman says:

    I think Weaver and Bruin can get the job done as the holding striker or starters. Hoping one of the young guys will step up. Costly did have a sweet stop and go move that other dynamo players need to copy. I feel weaver can do the job if he paired with the partner on top.

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