Ching to report to Montreal

Brian Ching has made it clear to the Chronicle that he will report to pre-season Montreal Impact training camp and not retire.
This one pains me as he has been such an integral part of the return of professional soccer in Houston .
Now I won’t re-hash the whole episode of if he should have been protected. Dynamo manager Dominic Kinnear never believed he would be selected yet that was what Jesse Marsch of Montreal did to use Ching as a bargaining chip to try and acquire Dynamo defender Andre Hainault.
It is now a game of cat and mouse. Who can blame Brian Ching for not walking away from a large contract reported to pay him in the area of $450,000?
More will play out in this saga or Montreal will have a player that will have to perform in the initial months on artificial surface. This very well could be resolved in a few weeks or the Impact might just have a pretty unhappy player.

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  1. jc_austin says:

    I keep my hopes up that both parties will negotiate something to keep Ching here.
    I think it is obvious that he will not be a happy player in that team, but I still know that being as professional as he is he will give them 100%

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    If he ends up leaving, the Dynamo central office will always be blamed of not trying enough, even if they really negotiated to get him back. It’s on them for not protecting him.

    I can already see the headlines in march: “It wasn’t mean to happen”, “We tried, they said no” and such.

    I don’t care what it takes, he has to play in an Orange shirt next season. As a hardcore Dynamo fan and STH since day 1, I don’t see this “trade” as a way to reinforce the team or as a business transaction. I see this ordeal as making things right.

    Another question off the topic: Will we still have free taco corner kicks at the new stadium?? Anyone??

  2. mattoomba says:

    I would like for Ching to be back here next season, but I don’t think the club should reward Marsch’s d-bag negotiating tactics. There was no “soccer reason” that Marsch should take Ching, so the club did right in not protecting him. However, Marsch has proven that he is either a puerile, vengeful ex-player who saw an opportunity to lash out at another player he was at odds with, or he is a tyro, inexperienced coach who erroneously thought he could hold Ching hostage and milk the Dynamo. Either way, he hurt his own club’s development in the process and has proven himself to be the wrong coach to start a franchise. We’ll see how he is as a coach after a club is established, or maybe how he is as a game-day tactical coach, but as a personnel manager and builder of clubs he’s a failure thus far.

  3. tom says:

    jc_ausin and mattoomba… I think you are both overstating the situation. It’s a business deal and nothing more. Each party did a risk/benefit assessment, placed their bets and let the cards fall. Dynamo didn’t think Impact would use a pick on a highly paid player at the end of career that has issues with the Impact coach. Impact saw an opportunity to take a player and trade him for something they want. And Ching has the ultimate veto either by retiring or not laying it all out like he has done in Houston. Nothing nefarious, no incompetence, just straight up game theory.

    So now we are in round 2 of the match. Dynamo have to decide what if anything they will give up, Impact have to decide how long they are willing to pay Ching’s salary and put up with a potential malcontent in hopes that Dynamo (or some other team) get desperate, and Ching needs to decide how corrosive he wants to be.

    And for the life of me, I can’t understand why everybody says that Ching has to be the “professional” and be a happy camper come whatever happens. If he has no respect for Marsch, say so, repeated and loudly in both words and deeds, in the locker room, on the pitch and in the press. Ching has made is mark in his profession and is under no obligation to put himself out just because somebody made a calculation that he is good trade bait. It won’t change his accomplishments, it doesn’t reflect poorly on his character and it shouldn’t matter to anybody that cares about him.

    The way *I’d* like to see it play out, from a purely partisan viewpoint, is the Dynamo play hardball and tell the Impact good luck with all that, Ching be an out and out SOB and the Impact finally get so desperate to unload Ching and his salary hit, that they offer him back to us with some allocation money just to take him off their hands. Not likely, but oh, it would be sweet.

    Sweet revenge aside, what I really want is for the Dynamo to field the best soccer team possible and win games. If that’s with Ching, great. If that’s without Ching, fine. And any way you cut it, when Ching walks on the pitch, in an Orange kit, with an orange tie, or in some other colors, I’ll applaud like heck.

  4. mattoomba says:

    The way I see it, with much of his team’s player budget allocated to one injury-prone player who will be playing on artificial turf, and who has only 1 or 2 good years left on his legs, and whose playing style Marsch has stated that he doesn’t appreciate…with all those factors, Marsch has proven himself incompetent. He hoped he could milk the Dynamo. As much as I’d love Ching in Orange, I applaud the club for not cratering on this point.

    Yes, Marsch took a business risk hoping for grand returns. Risk is part of the game, but you have to know the limitations, especially when dealing with big money. My conclusion is that if you are starting a new project and you have a limited budget and you buy something really expensive that you can’t use, you’re an incompetent businessman.

    As I said, we’ll see how good of a gameday coach Marsch is. But, if his capabilities as a field marshall are anything like his capabilities at franchise-building, it doesn’t hold much promise.

  5. coop says:

    I don’t think anyone in Houston would be mad at Ching for playing. He is a consummate professional. The best of luck to him. Hopefully it is on his terms though.

  6. Glenn Davis says:

    How could fans be mad at Brian?

  7. Garret says:

    I would love to see Ching back but I think they ought to tell Montreal we’ll take Ching for a draft pick but only if Montreal throws in some allocation money. Other than that, let Marsch go to work every day and have to face Ching and let the Impact pay his $450k salary. It’s unfortunate but you don’t screw up your future (or present) for sentimentality.

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