Chelsea wins but Barcelona thrills

When Barcelona strung 30 passes together off the kick-off at Stamford Bridge I guess we all knew how this game was going to be played. Barcelona wanted the ball, Chelsea didn’t so as not to risk their defensive posture.
Oh sure, they hoped to have it for a few precious moments on the counter attack and in the end they found the one that got them a vital goal.

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I know the hardcore are going to call this a historic win for Chelsea and I am in agreement with the result and the cavalier spirit, and dogged defending. However you get it done against Barcelona counts!
Don’t call this a soccer masterpiece though. Spare me that load of rubbish.

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Didier Drogba scored the lone goal at Stamford Bridge to give the “Blues” the 1-0 win .
Now I am a bit adverse to people calling this the perfect performance from Chelsea. If that is perfect then lets re-define perfection.

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For footballing skill and guile it was all Barcelona and if not for the “soccer gods” shining on Chelsea, Peter Cech in goal, and a moment of greatness on the counter attack this would have been remarkably different.
Barcelona dominated every facet of the game except for the end product and should have score 4 goals.

Chelsea had one shot on goal (4 shots total) and scored while Barcelona had 6 shots (24 total) on goal hitting the post twice.

Barcelona had 79% of the ball to 21% to Chelsea who in this case didn’t want the ball except on the counter attack. I jokingly said that Chelsea’s best form of attack would be to concede corners to Barcelona in order to pull them deeper up the field so they could hit them on the counter attack.

The beauty of Barcelona is that they remain steadfast to the way they play their game, never wavering with full self belief.
It still is amazing how much better their football is consistently than every other team and that includes giants like Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, etc. who are constantly resigned in almost every case to defend deep and counter.

Don’t get me wrong, Chelsea as any team that wins deserves credit, in this case a day of poor finishing is what sunk Barcelona. The perfect result for Chelsea ? Absolutely!
The perfect performance? I think that is going a bit too far.

This second leg is going to be a beauty!

Sandwiched in between their next encounter in Barcelona next Tuesday are important league games for both that could be draining. Chelsea plays Arsenal while Barcelona takes on Real Madrid in the Classico.

Another amazing day of futbol.

Twitter: GlennDavisSoc

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  1. coop says:

    God I have hoped for it for years while of course realizing that perhaps the Dynamo lack the technical ability to allow one touch passing, but wouldn’t it be beautiful to see rather than the steady diet of disjointed back-pass-fest we have been force-fed recently? I do however find it difficult to argue against a coach who consistently reaches the finals against all odds. I will regardless argue that Dom continues to favor less technically gifted players for those that get back on defense and seems to encourage a scheme that allows extraneous touches without a mind for offense production. What I’m saying is this; it may be true that your opponent cannot score while you have the ball, but neither can you while you are only passing toward your own goal.

    All of that said, the Chicago game showed some promising signs of offensive life.

  2. Coach H says:

    Don’t worry Glenn. We didn’t expect you to say anything good about the way we played. That is fine with us. We are just 90 incredibly difficult minutes away from the historic upset over Barcelona.

    8 weeks ago, you all wrote us off. We don’t want anyone to jump on the bandwagon now!


  3. Glenn Davis says:

    Coach I love your loyalty to the team you support and it was a great RESULT.
    Take off your Chelsea blue glasses, re-read the above entry and then tell me specifically what you disagree with in my comments.

    I like most Chelsea fans probably didn’t predict this run in two cups. That puts us all in great company.
    The only dog I have in the fight is the quality of football, and attacking attitude, purely my opinion.
    Debate and prove out your points!

  4. manny rivademar says:

    Glenn: I had to work so I could not see the game you wrote about. My concern is centered on the Orange. I love this team and want them to progress and display the type of “futbol” we all would like them to play, especially after watching the EPL, La SERIE or La Liga. I realize too that the players in those leagues get paid a great deal more money than those playing in the MLS. I also realize that with a new stadium comes new revenue sources and thus a chance to purchase better quality players. From here on end I will wait and see what the Orange do in terms of player purchases and hope for the best. I told my son I will take him to a game in the new stadium and let him see for himself what a beautiful sport this is. What athletiism, grace and unbelieveable things these players can do with there legs. Truly amazing. go Orange!

  5. Jeter says:

    What a game! Knowing how much of a power house Barcelona is I was definitely rooting for Chelsea. What I really wanted was just a really good, competitive game and unfortunately I didn’t see that. Drogba played his heart out and Barcelona was…… Barcelona. Controlling the whole game with only a few minor hiccups. Barcelona’s midfield is so strong but it seemed like every time they crossed a ball into the box none of their strikers were in position. It seemed like Barcelona depended on their midfield to score all the goals and from that distance they couldn’t break through Chelsea’s stonewall defense. Goals win games but defense wins championships.

    The Dynamo v. Fire game was terrible for it was cancelled due to bad weather. I was disappointed that Camargo looked rusty and that JeVaugn Watson is still making bad passes and unforced turnovers. I’ll feel so much better when Moffat, Clark, and Davis are back and when Luiz Camargo knocks off that rust. Go Dynamo!

  6. coop says:

    Drogba is a true class talent. And I say that as a Spurs fan. He would tear MLS apart. I think the second leg will be a different result.

    Watson should sit for Sturgis on the Dynamo side of things.

  7. Derek says:

    Wow! I will be honest, I am a Chelsea fan but am pretty good at watching games without too much bias and I’ve also had time to digest the game a little bit more. Barcelona dominated possession, as always, but Chelsea’s back line, along with the iron and Cech, they couldn’t produce. Chelsea is a team that is searching for it’s own real identity in terms of style of play, but they were able to defend very well, play physically, broke up the plays that matter, and create a few chances of their own. It will be up to Chelsea’s defense whether or not they can go to Munich, not up to Barcelona. Any mistakes on that end will be costly even though they go into the next leg with an advantage.

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