A look at the Dynamo strikers and when the break-out will occur?

Despite the fact that Cam Weaver scored (a great build up which you can see today on Dynamo Weekly Inside Look) from the striker position for the Dynamo in the 1-1 draw with Chicago, the club is struggling to score goals from this area in MLS play.

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Clear chances from Giles Barnes and Jason Johnson were not converted and the Dynamo left two very valuable points on the table. With the knowledge that Weaver was the first striker to score since May 8th lets take a look at the Dynamo strikers:

WILL BRUIN: (4 Goals)
The “Dancing Bear” scored a whopping 16 goals last year for the Dynamo but seemed to be struggling with confidence before being called into the Gold Cup.
Now maybe the break away from the Dynamo has been good for Bruin who could return to the starting lineup on Saturday with a fresh perspective after spending a few weeks with Jurgen Klinsmann and the U.S.
A couple of weeks of working in a different environment with the national team might be exactly what is needed, then again, he did not play a minute in the Gold Cup and his game sharpness could be effected.
The Dynamo need Bruin to find goal and find them soon.

GILES BARNES (4 goals)
Barnes is the leading shot taker on the Dynamo and to be fair has been victimized by good goalkeeping and probably some less than good fortune. I still find it hard to believe he did not score a few weeks back in Montreal.
Still, his missed one on one was costly against Chicago and is the kind of chance that the Dynamo have to convert.
His ability to come from deep is a real threat, he has been getting chances but now he has to take them.
That pocket of space at the top of the box is perfect for his power from long range.

Scored against Chicago after a wonderful build-up started by Boniek Garcia.
Weaver was an afterthought last year and fought his way back into contention through sheer effor. His big frame, willingness to throw himself at anything has to be admired along with his work ethic and he has suffered from injury.
His flicks on’s off goal kicks can lead to danger for other’s running off him.

The big off-season signing from Colorado has been a big in-season injury.
Limited minutes is a real concern and his injury prone nature has to have the Dynamo pulling their hair out.
Seeing him the lineup a few games back reminded us his movement could be a danger piece to the Dynamo attack. He has scored 39 MLS goals.
There has been an investment in Cummings not only to produce goals but to be a “unique” and diverse defense stretching striker when he steps on the field.
Opponents have to honor his pace by dropping deeper defensively which can alleviate pressure in midfield.
Cummings is a story to follow for the rest of the season.

Dynamo all time leading goal scorer.
Ching currently injured has played limited minutes although early in the season was excellent off the bench in managing the game out and providing a lift.

The rookie has had a few opportunities and each time has gotten chances but has failed to deliver. A player for the future who needs to hone his finishing skills to take advantage of obvious physical gifts. Does have power and pace and is getting opportunity in year one.

The injured Carr is re-habbing and quickly we are reminded of his wonderful goal in the MLS Cup Final.
The past two seasons Carr has reminded us vividly that a striker with pace can influence opponents and their approach.
Carr could be the x factor with his movement and mobility. He has scored 14 goals in 7 MLS seasons.

It is easy to over-analyze the situation and wonder if it is lack of confidence, poor luck, or simply lack of form . In this case the numbers don’t lie and the Dynamo midfield needs the burden of not having to score goals lifted.
No one can say that strikers did not get enough chances against Chicago to win the game. Still the Dynamo have been less dangerous off set pieces and corners this year .
At some point someone is going to break out and go on a run of goals and the mood from the striker position can change but for the moment this is an area of concern.
For the moment the Dynamo are getting the bulk of their goals of midfield players.

With a fresh Bruin coming back, Barnes coming close, Weaver scoring vs. Chicago, Carr getting healthy and Johnson showing promise one has to think goals will come from this position.

Your thoughts? Who is your ultimate pair up front for the Dynamo based on their stable of strikers?

Twitter: GlennDavisSoc

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  1. R. Sey says:

    Good morning, Glenn. I do not have a”pair up front” anymore. Too many absences, long term injuries, etc have disrupted that. I would love to see Calen Carr’s pace back up front. Cummings is an unknown in orange so far. I am frustrated we have brought in long term injured players that are out for far too long. They may be a great gamble but that is all it is. Only time will tell. Why can’t we get healthy strikers? Is it money, yet again? What ? Do they all hate Houston?? What?? Do they hate BBVA stadium? What??? Is it our coach?? What?

    Just frustrated…. like they are also, no doubt.

    PS I know that all the call ups for Davis, Ashe, Bruin, etc are “good” for them and help give time to other players but I STILL hate the disruption to the MLS league play and teams that have those players. I know that it is supposed to help “grow” soccer here but I want to focus on my team/league. I know that makes me narrow minded to many who follow world soccer but that is how I feel. I do not like all the distractions, injuries, conflicts in scheduling,etc.

  2. tinman says:

    Strikers need service and the midfield is not getting the job done. Which leads to other problems When do u start to rebuild the club,do u play with one forward or five midfielders.
    We are not getting behind the defense enough, when we do we usually score. The counter attack needs to be improved.
    Bruin might not be the fit for the dynamo. Dom likes direct play and Bruin does not like to play with his back to the goal. His headers has improved but not enough for a side that loves to send in crosses. Right now he is not good enough to carry the dynamo into the playoffs. The reason he did not see alot of playing time at the Gold Cup was simple, the other strikers were playing better.
    Bruin and Barnes are not using or supporting each other enough, too much ball watching.
    Barnes loves to play a withdrawn striker role which does not fit well with Bruin.
    Weaver gives u the effort and the air game. He needs more PT. Look at Philly and CC.
    The only way to get experience is to play. The dynamo need to give Jason more PT.
    Omar has alot of rust and is not ready. Carr will help but is not ready yet

  3. William says:

    Glenn- As you well know, soccer clubs around the world as well as MLS are always in search of consistent scorer.
    Different aspects go into it. Is there dependable service? Does your club control midfield play and set the tempo? Or due to talent and lack of skill level on the ball, are you mostly defending?
    Few MLS sides have that one player thru sheer talent or speed with ball at his feet that can make his own shot (NYRB-Henry, Whitecap-Camilo) Or the( Montreal- Di Viao) type who more times than not cash in on the one or two chances that come their way.
    Reference last nights MLS All Star game, Certainly not a “showcase ” game for MLS . From SKC’s Colin assisting on Roma’s first early goal, all down hill disappointed in lack of creativity and sense of urgency from All Star’s, was not exactly interesting or exciting to watch.
    Had to chuckle at ridiculous referee “head cam” , gave me motion sickness few times they showed it. MLS can o.k. something totally useless like that , but can’t place a camera on the crossbar of goal, to see questionable goal’s??
    Garber’s insistence that Chivas USA will not be relocated and rebranded, huge mistake. As Lalas put it, league is only as strong as your weakest link. Chivas USA was failed concept that needs to be corrected.

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