VIDEO: Dunk combines soccer and basketball!

VIDEO: Ronaldinho training free kick!

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VIDEO – Why goalkeepers shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate


English announcer misses red card…..a must see!!!!

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:5db0fb8f-eb7d-4905-9338-b0ce214d20ad&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=iv2_en-us_entertainment_thebubble" target="_new" title="Announcer caught off guard, misses red card">Video: Announcer caught off guard, misses red card</a>

VIDEO: Maradona takes light, yet stinging approach to training

Diego with some new and improved training methods. Looks light in the Argentine Camp.
FIESTA WORLD CUP FACTS at local soccer stores!

VIDEO – Blanco hits nail to ease the pressure

Cuauhtemoc Blanco of the Mexican national team relaxes with a cigarette in his room.
I never knew that he was a smoker . The real question is how will Javier Aguirre the Mexican National team coach use the Mexican Icon.
Where will Blanco play and will he impactful for Mexico at the World Cup?

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It will only take, one subtle touch, one outside the box idea, one moment of indecisiveness, or some good fortune from the “Soccer Gods” to change the course of this summers World Cup.

Fanaticos, what do you think of this Nike video?

VIDEO: Glenn Davis Responds to Blog Members Email

Glenn Davis here for 790 the sports animal and when it comes to soccer, it’s game on!

Now, I want to thank everybody for supporting the radio show on 790 the sports animal and all the great emails and insight that comes in at

Now, I get all kinds of great emails throughout the week, this week I got a great one for yeah, I wanna read it to you… the email please… here it is… K, this comes from Alberto Arcia…

Dear Mr. Davis,

“Most of the crowd that support US soccer is still made-up of foreign/Americans, although the natives are increasing their presence in the stands. Americans, as far as their make-up is concerned are interested in winning, not playing the game in a beautiful style. That level will come later. Americans are interested in destroying the opposition, and do not mind doing it in an ugly fashion. I have been living here long enough to know the sport culture. Winning is all that matters. The New England Patriots coach got caught cheating, big deal. We didn’t care. He won his games, we love the guy! I have read a couple of articles lately complaining about the lack of beauty in the US game. Please don’t get caught up in that; our first duty is to make soccer acceptable as a first tier sport. We, the foreigners that pay to see the Dynamo and the US team want more than anything to see the sport grow, and it will grow only if we keep winning. The time will come to concentrate in making the game more beautiful, right now we need more natives in the stands, and more heroes in the pitch. Americans do not crown losers that play a beautiful game, Mexico does. And why is that? Soccer is in their soul. It’s barely in the Americans heart. We are moving in the right direction, but got a long way to go.”

Well, Alberto I guess I can agree with some of that… and I appreciate a great email… kind of one that stirs the pot a little bit. But I think as a media member, ex-player, as well as fans it is our obligation and duty to demand creative soccer. Eleven hard working players are not gonna put those fans in the seat that you so much want. The other thing is that in this country, there are three traditional sports—soccer is still trying to carve out its niche on the sporting landscape. Here in my hometown in Houston, that’s happening and nobody is getting into the pockets of Hispanics and the hearts more on a professional level than the Houston Dynamo.

Attractive… Soccer… yes. It is very important. Eleven hard working players will not put people into the stands all you have to do is look at specific teams around major league soccer to understand that. Last year we got a boost of creative players in MLS and guess what attendance rose and fans became a little bit more enamored with our league.

Thanks for the great email, Alberto… for that type of talk and more go to 790 the sports animal this Tuesday from seven to nine p-m, join me Glenn Davis for the best in soccer talk.

VIDEO: Rhain Davis the Whiz Kids join Manchester United

THE world’s most famous soccer club – Manchester United – has offered nine-year-old Brisbane whiz kid Rhain Davis a shot at stardom.
Rhain has been invited to join Manchester United’s famed academy, the breeding ground of current Red Devils’ star Ryan Giggs and 1966 World Cup-winning England hero Bobby Charlton.