The Coyote Soccer Program of San Jacinto College has been an extremely satisfied sponsor of the Soccer Hour w/ Glenn Davis for the past two years. When I arrived to Houston from the west coast in the summer of ’04 to accept my new position as the Athletic Director and Men’s Soccer Coach for San Jac and heard the Soccer Hour which at that time was on public radio, I was completely amazed and excited that the soccer scene was covered so well in Houston especially without having a pro-team or even a D-I men’s soccer team.

Glenn was immediately supportive of our program and was always gracious enough to put in scores and a few highlights of our program in his weekly column. He even invited me and some of our players on the show which made them feel very special and privileged to have a voice in the local soccer community.

Glenn is a consummate professional that is a no-nonsense authority on the game of soccer. He is truly committed to the development of the game, especially at the youth level. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk as he still finds time in his busy schedule to actively coach a youth team, host and guest coach on several youth clinics, and also creates awareness in the community on other important issues, like cancer, through the sport of soccer.

Aside from the obvious benefit of increased exposure in the soccer community that our sponsorship has provided the Coyote Soccer Program, the most beneficial factor has been the intangible opportunity for our program to be associated with such a quality individual and a quality soccer radio program in the greatest soccer market in the entire nation. I look forward to the continued association between our programs and hope for its continued growth and success for years to come.

-Dave Santesteban
Head Coach San Jacinto College

Dear Glenn,
Thank you for your continued involvement wit the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.
It is our good fortune to count you among the friends and supporters of our mission to cure childhood cancer.
I also know how much your involvement with the Cancer Center means to the aspiring teenage soccer player who is under our care. I see the comfort and the strength he draws from your visits to the clinic and your friendship. It was quite generous of you to invite him to sit in the booth with you during your MLS broadcast. He called it “one of the coolest” days of his life. Gestures like this really mean a lot to the children and families who are going through cancer treatment.
Thank you also for involving the rest of the soccer community in your effort to support us. The visit you organized by the MLS players was a great gesture and one that I hope will get more professional soccer players to use their position in our communities to help children.
The column you wrote in the Houston Chronicle about the visit was wonderful.
I look forward to more events where, with your help, we can involve the Houston Soccer Community, with all it’s energy, diversity, and generosity , in our fight against childhood cancer.
Again, it has been a great pleasure to work with you and I am grateful for your friendship an commitment to helping the Cancer Center.

Best regards,
Dr. David G. Poplack, MD
Director , Texas Children’s Cancer Center

Dear Glenn,
Thank you for taking the time to visit Episcopal High School. Our students have expressed to us that your visit was the highlight of the week. We admired your ability to so eloquently combine discussions of soccer with important life lessons that help our students understand your message.
Your visit to the school has generated a greater interest in the Houston Soccer Community on the whole. It has been a pleasure for me to hear my students ask if I heard the Landon Donovan interview on Glenn Davis’s soccer show last night. This type of response to soccer and our class would not have been possible without your two visits to the school.
Your position of role model in not just the Houston soccer community but the Houston community as a whole needs to be noted.
All the thanks in the world.

Travis Smith

“The antidote of course is American Soccer on GolTV and Glenn Davis’s tremendous Soccer Hour radio program. If you talk about it , they will call ! Davis proves that week in and week out.”


“Glenn has done it at all levels, as a professional player, a youth director, and now with his involvement in tv, radio, and the written press. He has moved the game forward in his community and around the country.”

Charlie Kadupski THE SPORT SOURCE