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Is there really a starting Dynamo eleven? / Santos Gomez talks Concacaf Champions League importance

It is almost silly to these days talk about a starting eleven when it comes to professional soccer. Sure there is a best eleven players that make up your strongest lineup but based on injury, volume of games, opponents and other factors it really is about the depth of an organization.
So how does Dominic Kinnear set out his team against DC United on Saturday in the home opener that is the curtain raiser for the club in 2013?
One thinks it looks like this:


Sarkodie Boswell Taylor Ashe

Boniek Garcia Moffat Davis


Bruin Weaver

Most significant would be the start of Cam Weaver who last year was banished to the reserves but fought his way back into the team getting important minutes down the stretch.
He was a story and looks set to start on Saturday.
Dominic Kinnear mentioned that it was focus on DC United first and then assessing everything from fatigue, health etc. before he would know what he would put out against Santos in an important first leg Concacaf Champions League quarterfinal match.

Giles Barnes, Luiz Camargo and others will have to play a very important part in the upcoming two games where the Dynamo is likely to go 15-17 deep on their roster.

Remember when Real Salt Lake a few years back was in the final match to go to the World Club Championship at Rio Tinto in Sandy, Utah?
They came out buzzing against a deep defending Monterrey and should have scored early through Fabian Espindola.
What was significant was the whole of MLS took pride in wanting to see RSL be the first to win the Concacaf Champions League out of MLS. Despite creating more chances it wasn’t to be and the loss hurt all of MLS and RSL deeply.
It also proved that this tournament is winnable and needs to start getting Champions out of the MLS.
Fact is no MLS team has won the Concacaf Champions League and coaches and clubs desire to be the first to do it!
This will be significant on Tuesday when the Dynamo take on Santos who are well into their season. IT will also be a challenge but it will bring an air and an edge that can only come when MLS takes on Liga MX.
This is a game for fans not to miss in Houston and I still wonder if the general fan base of the Dynamo outside of the hardcore understand this match in the global context?
Do they?
Santos striker Herculez Gomez told me this last night about the Concacaf Champions League on SOCCER MATTERS on ESPN 97-5:

“It is something we have focused on alot in recent years. We want to become an international club, an international brand. The only way to do that is compete against the world’s best and the only way to get there is winning the Concacaf Champions League.”

No question Santos is coming in serious on Tuesday after playing on Friday night.

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Did you know the Houston soccer community and area has produced many professional soccer players to Major League Soccer.

Rusty Pierce-Texans-NE Revolution and Columbus Crew
Josh Gardner- Hurricanes-LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, Columbus Crew, Montreal, Sporting KC
Chris Gbandi-Cy Fair Dynamos/Hurricanes FC Dallas
Imad Baba-Texans-NE Revolution
Eric Quill- Qwest/Texans Tampa, KC, DC
Johnny Torres-Texans-NE Revolution
Willis Forko-CY Fair Dynamos, Hurricanes- Real Salt Lake
Sam Forko-Cy Fair Dynamos/Hurricanes-Metrostars
Alex Woods-West U/Hurricanes- FC Dallas
Krista Davey- WUSA
Susan Bush -WUSA

These are just a few of the names that have gone on to the pro level as this area continues to supply colleges all over the country with soccer talent.


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Dynamo strength and depth lies in it’s midfield and brings lots of variety

Sure it is cliche that games are won and lost in midfield but if you peruse the Dynamo roster you will find that this is where the depth and backbone of the team lies.

With the addition of Honduran Boniek Garcia last year the midfield has found depth, flexibility, additional ethic and toughness plus more ideas. Lets take a look:

The incumbent set piece specialist has been outstanding the last few years after a re-dedication to his game through fitness and diet. He is a Dynamo original and now has found the perfect foil in Boniek Garcia who helps to take attention and focus off him.
He comes off two years of his highest total of minutes, 28 assists and even more importantly got on the score sheet 8 times last year based on getting central even more.

What more can you say about one of the most definitive signings in Dynamo history.
His addition has brought tactical flexibility to the squad plus his ability to break opponents down off the dribble has brought unpredictability to the Dynamo attack.
His incessant smile and fun loving commitment to the game is contagious to players and fans alike.
What also must be pointed out is how quickly he adapted to MLS plus his responsibility and professionalism leads the way.
Can be used in a variety of ways and can certainly bring width to the Dynamo attack.

Injury slowed “Braveheart” at one point last year but he recovered to provide important play. Generally the deep lying axis in front of the back four, Moffat is expected to retrieve the ball and get it to those that can make the game.
Not to say that he can’t provide the threat from distance as he is goal dangerous.
Don’t forget his wonderful pass to Calen Carr in the MLS Cup final.
Being paired with Ricardo Clark enhances his game.

The World Cup veteran was the perfect response to Geoff Cameron moving to Stoke last year and now will have a full pre-season behind him going into 2013.
It will be interesting to see how Clark adjusts and plays against certain opponents.
He has been encouraged to play closer to strikers and we are seeing this pre-season as well.
Clark still covers ground wonderfully and remains a big piece to 2013.

The Dynamo link to the EPL has had a full pre-season barring some time off due to a shoulder injury but this is a telling year for him.
Does he continue to show flashes of great play like a long range goal in the Concacaf Champions League, and a key assist against DC in the playoffs? OR does he truly push to be a regular?
Alot will come down to his desire to be a two way player that manager Dominic Kinnear demands. He truly does tease with some great individual plays but the friendly Englishman remains a big piece to me in success this year.

The Dynamo connection to the beautiful game in Brazil possesses a skill set of smooth and effortlessness that any athlete would desire.
Still, last year was a disappointment and Camargo must wrap his arms around being a more pivotal figure for this team.
Does he want it? That is the question I want to see answered. It will be tough to crack the starting lineup but that has to be the goal!
Opportunity will abound with Gold Cup and national team call ups that likely will take away Boniek Garcia, Brad Davis and Ricardo Clark.
Is this the year it is “game on” for Camargo?

Not too much coming out on the new signing but he has played over 140 games for Hearts in Scotland. At only 25 he is a good signing for the Dynamo on paper.
Being left sided certainly is a good thing and his game seems to bring the want to take people on.
Having players of breakdown capability like Boniek Garcia, Brad Davis, Giles Barnes, and Driver bring unpredictability that is needed out of the Dynamo midfield.
Driver finds his way to Houston as JeVaughan Watson was moved to FC Dallas.


Warren Creavalle-Creavalle is versatile and certainly can be moved in a variety of positions in midfield if needed. A year where he pushes to get more playing time.

Brian Ownby- Instant energy comes in the form of Ownby whose desire is infectious.

Alex Dixon- Limited playing time and a need to produce. Can’t live off a spectacular goal against Colorado two years ago. Can he make a break-through?

Depth lies in the Dynamo midfield and it will be essential that Giles Barnes, Luiz Camargo and now Andrew Driver step up to produce valuable playing time during various junctures in the season.

The Dynamo midfield looks primed to bring alot of excitement in 2013.

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Scottish player to Dynamo looking likely/ Filling out the roster

The Dynamo have confirmed interest in Andrew Driver a 25 year old left winder who play for Scotland’s Hearts. Some are saying that he is already on his way to Houston as the Dynamo are looking to get salary cap compliant by March 2nd.

The Dynamo will need an international slot for Driver per MLS rules which means another move could be in the offing.

His last few years for Hearts has included injury, struggle with manager Paulo Sergio and 2 goals yet there are sparks of talent that clearly tweak the imagination.
He could be left sided cover for Brad Davis and is only 25 years old which is a plus and likely will come at a reasonable fee.

The Dynamo will also to make decisions on the futures of Jimmy Nealis out of Georgetown, Anthony Arena out of Wake Forest, and defender Mike Chabala.

What are your thoughts on the Dynamo as we are only 11 days away from the home opener!!!

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Ramos u20 squad in action!
The Concacaf Championship begins today as the U.S. under 20 squad under Tab Ramos begins play against Haiti.
In some ways this is a look into the future potential of players on the full national team.
The club is a mix of pros (13 with seven in Europe, 6 in MLS) and six college players.

EYE ON: Luis Gil Real Salt Lake, Dillon Serna Colorado Rapids, Jose Villareal LA Galaxy.

The game airs at 5:30 central on FOX SOCCER.

Salazar brings hope and excitment but….

New Dynamo 18 year old signing Bryan Salazar is bringing lots of excitement signing for the Dynamo at what we now consider a young age in MLS.
From all accounts he is talented, strong, and grounded and hopefully a future MLS player.

What I like about this signing is that Salazar has spent 6, count them, 6 years in the Dynamo program. He did not jump from club to club which there has to be something said for.

I found it interesting that those around the country in the early days were judging newly formed MLS Academy programs based on initial success with little time working with players after only a short period of origination.

MLS Academy’s have competition and have to balance player development and PR function wisely.
It still remains a challenge for Academy players to step in to MLS and that is mainly because the Academy player from 16-18 are still playing competition that are of similar age.
In other parts of the world the best players at 16 are playing and mixed among men in more pressure filled environments.
Make no mistake these challenges make it difficult in modern player development to accelerate one’s maturity as a player and person in the United States.

Fact is many don’t understand player development and what it takes to bring a player through a system.

Salazar will represent a lot to his teammates whom he has played with and to the community just like two players at Texas Rush and Zach Jackson of the Texans who is getting national team exposure.

And just like the countless success stories of pro’s that have left fields of Houston like Imad Baba, Chris Gbandi, Sam Forko, Eric Quill, Willis Forko, Josh Gardner, Rusty Pierce, Krista Davey, and on.
All have set a standard for the quality of the sport at the youth level in Houston!

It will be interesting to see how the next two years fares for this young man. What will the criteria for success be? If he is playing regular minutes in MLS two years?

The goal remains for MLS to graduate MLS players at 18 and have them getting real minutes within the next two years. A challenge that will be difficult based on the current player development system around our country.

Join me on ESPN 97-5 as we talk player development this week.

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Manchester United, Cristiano and the tactical game

It will be intriguing today when Manchester United visit Real Madrid at the Bernebeau in Madrid, Spain.

The first leg will be all about Manchester United setting themselves up for the second leg at Old Trafford and a clash of the world’s top managers.

One has to think Sir Alex Ferguson will likely drop his team off deeper, concede little space behind his back four and dare Real Madrid to break them down. Essentially the plan will be then to force the counter attacking Cristiano Ronaldo led team out of their comfort zone.

Teams that have had success against Real Madrid have played this way. For the Madristas it means that players like Mesut Ozil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and others will have to find ways to carve out chances and produce combination play in tight spaces.

Take note that the Shaktar Donetsk and Dortmund match should be a beauty as well.
We will find out if conservative first leg results will reign!!!

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