Swansea accountable also in Hazard “kicking” incident with ball boy

Let me just start this blog entry by saying that Chelsea’s Eden Hazard is accountable for stupid action in the incident with Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan whom he kicked out at.
More is demanded from a professional athlete but it is funny having been in the same position late in games it is frustrating that ball boys can truly be loyal to the home club and are instructed to time-waste.

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Every team and manager in the business of professional soccer instructs ball boys to give the ball quickly to their team and slowly to opponents. This becomes even more evident in situations like the Swansea/Chelsea match with the urgency Chelsea had to try and score goals being down 2-0 on aggregate.

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The ball boy Charlie Morgan just happens to be the son of Swansea director Martin Morgan. He had tweeted out that this hash tag before the game ; #needed#for#timewasting. Apparently according to him it was his first time as a ball boy this season after doing it for six years.

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So Morgan drops to the ground on the ball when Hazard tries to get it from him.
The whole thing is farcical, Morgan is probably a hero for Swansea while Hazard can only be condemned for how he handled the situation.

In the end this should not take away from what has been the amazing story of Swansea under Danish manager Michael Laudrup. Lets hope the fairytale is not upstaged by this moment of silliness.

Although many are coming down on Hazard they must also hold Swansea to the fire as well for the idiocy of the ball boy.

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