What does U.S./Canada game in Houston mean to you?

The reaction to this game has been varied as to it’s importance in the big picture between Canada and the U.S. Now many are voicing valid opinions, excuses and thoughts. I don’t stand in judgement of anyone going or not going , I am just trying to gauge the drawing power of U.S. Soccer as a stand alone.

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Here is a piece from Steve Davis my writer and friend http://prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com/2013/01/20/what-is-a-good-attendance-for-u-s-canada-in-ja

My reasons to go:

*Nationalistic pride-it is US Soccer!
*Opportunity to impress on Espn national tv and get more meaningful games in the future.
*Dynamo players Brad Davis, Tally Hall, Will Bruin in U.S. national team jersey at home.
*Player development-get youth players to live soccer on a “cool” night
*Return of former Dwayne DeRosario playing for Canada