Why a sell out is a must for U.S./Canada in Houston! Call it the 100th anniversary game!!

I already hear people waving the proverbial “white flag” when it comes to selling out BBVA Compass for the upcoming game between the U.S. National team v. Canada.
I am hearing many excuses….it’s Tuesday night, it’s just a U.S. “B” team, it’s only a “friendly”. On and on…..I for one in this day and age have had enough of the excuses.

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The fact is many fans have asked for a stand alone U.S. National team game that does not include the Mexican national team. Well here you have finally gotten that with U.S./Canada on the 29th at BBVA.

Call this a “litmus” test for the drawing power of the U.S. National team as a brand and an “opportunity” for the city of Houston and it’s soccer reputation. I frankly don’t believer we have arrived at our final destination of passion for this sport.
In fact I know we haven’t, there is so much room to grow and so many potentials that are out there who can be U.S. National team fans, MLS fans, and Dynamo fans.
No we have not arrived fully.

If we want a game in an official competition, want to be a part of a World Cup one day that will return to the U.S. and be considered for more and more events at different levels than this game on national tv (Espn) is important to sell out and create an atmosphere of soccer celebration regardless of who is playing.

Where is the marketing and PR for this game? You can point the finger at U.S. Soccer, local media whomever you like but the responsibility also comes down to us organically as soccer fans. Tell people about this game and get them motivated to sell out “our” house, to make a statement about where the game is and is going in Houston with passionate support.
A crowd of only 15,000 will make U.S. soccer money but it won’t make a statement for Houston, that I can assure you.

Other reasons that are of interest around this game:

*This game will be played only a few days to the U.S. World Cup qualifier in Honduras and five or so players off this roster are expected to make that trip.

*Dynamo players Brad Davis, Tally Hall, and Will Bruin are involved in this January training camp with the U.S. and could play in this game. What a moment that will be for a Dynamo player to represent the U.S. in front of their home fans!

* It is the 100th anniversary of U.S. Soccer and that in itself is an “eye opener” to many and another reason to celebrate. Lets call this the 100th anniversary celebration game

*Remember last year’s January camp was beneficial to Dynamo Geoff Cameron who at the time was a Dynamo member. Cameron is now at Stoke and a starting center back for Klinsmann.

*A chance to show a national tv audience that Houston is passionate and driven when it comes to soccer.

* Youth Player development and live matches are essential. Lets hope coaches are trying to bring their players down to the stadium for a night of soccer on a higher level as opposed to a regular training session. Yes, an opportunity.

Thoughts? Twitter: GlennDavisSoc