Is Klinsmann’s biggest job to get Donovan back in national team picture?/ Lay off Suarez

U.S. National team manager Jurgen Klinsmann recently called in 25 players for the January national team camp that begins today in Carson, California.

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He has made it clear that 6-8 player out of this camp could end up in Honduras in the for the start of the Hexagonal on February 6th.
How is that for incentive?

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Still the biggest challenge Klinsmann may have right now is to somehow convince Landon Donovan to return to the U.S. National team in the future.

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Reports have said that there is a divide between the two but lets remember it was Klinsmann who helped to bring Donovan to Bayern Munich in Germany. Of course the problem may just lie in the fact that Donovan has felt “burned out” in his soccer career.
Maybe Donovan at the international level is beyond his “use by date”. Only he knows this.
Of course the U.S. national team is a better team with a motivated Donovan in the lineup, we all know this.
His skill set, versatility, and “soccer brain” will be missed during the Hexagonal if he is not convinced to return.
Does he need a bit of massaging from Klinsmann or is this purely on Landon to find his desire?
The U.S. National team is at a loss without a motivated Donovan. I am not buying it from those who say it is not a big loss.

Suarez committed an obvious handball before putting the ball into the net to defeat a brave Mansfield in FA Cup play. Suarez is getting hammered by so many for this obvious breach of soccer laws but it is interesting to see the double standard from fans based on loyalty.
Lets not forget when Thierry Henry handled against Ireland, or what about Michael Owen admitting he took dives.
Oh, and what about you guys who say you are not trying if you are not “cheating”. Strikers do anything to score goals.
The blame here goes on referees who missed the obvious handball.
Could Suarez have raised his hand and made it clear he handled the ball, absolutely.
If he had, think of what an impact he would have made in the era of “fair play”.

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