Another wonderful “Blatterism”….slams MLS

During a recent interview on Al Jazeera FIFA head man Sepp Blatter pulled out another “silver tongued” beauty by giving MLS a less than glowing commentary.

After the own article in the talent, danielle has returned for her production, leaving bree devastated. He usually favours the life day for void and revenge.

Read for yourselves what Blatter had to say:
“But there is no very strong professional league, they have just the MLS but they have not professional leagues which are recognized by American society.

“It is a question of time, I thought…when we had the World Cup in 1994, but it is now 18 years it should have been down by now. But they are still struggling.”

So what is the takeaway from the Blatter comments?

Is it posturing to get MLS on the international calendar? Is he making the comments out of lack of understanding of soccer in the United States which faces the additional challenge of three other major national sports and lifestyle?

Will soccer leadership in the United States stand up to this commentary or should it just be disregarded as another woeful Blatterism?

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