Quick hits with Geoff Cameron

The Dynamo clearly have challenges tomorrow night at Chicago (Galavision 6:00 pm cst) missing a number of starters. Still one can also look at this game as a time to learn more about others in the squad.
Nathan Sturgis is expected to get the start in central midfield and will be expected to prove out the Dynamo depth. Sturgis was acquired to give cover in central midfield for Adam Moffat.
I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Dynamo center back Geoff Cameron.

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GD: How do you deal with the the Fire’s attacking trio of Marco Pappa, Dominic Oduro and Patrick Nyarko?

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Cameron: Pappa is clever, we can’t give him time on the ball. He can pick out the right pass. We have to eliminate the pass over the top and limit the chances of Oduro and Nyarko. We will have to be on our game.

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GD: Can you speak on the effects of the absence of Brad Davis, Adam Moffat and Colin Clark?

Cameron: Missing Brad Davis our service suffers. Three starters missing give others opportunity. Luiz is finally fit enough and we won’t miss a beat with him.
Nate is a good passer and keeps the temp moving. You can’t dwell on missing starters.

GD: What about the length of time between league games ?

Cameron: It’s funny, the long lay off has been good to heal bruises. Guys are fresher, staying mentally and physically ready. Practices have been intense and pretty good for the most part. Dom and the staff have done a good job during this stretch.

GD: Any champions league picks?

Cameroon: I like Real Madrid, they have something to prove. Bayern Munich has been on fire as of late. I am going with Bayern Munich they have been solid and they have a different style than Real Madrid.

*For more information on how you can help Geoff Cameron fight cancer go to HoustonDynamo.com and look for Cameron’s 20/20 campaign.

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