Seattle Sounders F. C. of MLS have sold out first 9 games and gathering amazing tv ratings……..

Seattle Sounders F.C. of Major League Soccer are going into amazing territory in a short amount of time.
According to the Sounders F.C. blog of Jose Romero in the Seattle Times the team has sold out their first 9 games through June 28th effectively re-iterating that they have amazingly created a demand for tickets at Qwest Field in Seattle.
This is a defining moment for MLS for the mere fact that more weak franchises are being exposed for their lackluster leadership and their inability to connect and become more relevant in their markets.
Why aren’t more members of the press being more critical of these markets that are hurting the growth of MLS? Know I am a glass full guy when it comes to MLS.
I am also a realist and believe that markets that are struggling need to be called out for the sake of the growth of the game. I for one am tired of the tired consistent excuses.
After all accountability is necessary to grow the sport.
In the end it won’t matter what I say and it will matter what the fans says. If the small band of passionate fans continue to sit on their hands in certain markets and not demand more from their organizations and the media the game will remain mom and pop.
Compare the NFL investment from the Seahawks in Seattle to the Patriot owned Revolution in New England.

What is this cancer; erection blog; you speak of? Also it treats end now.


The Seattle tv market is made up of 1,784,946 homes and one rating point is equivalent to 17,185 homes.
Saturday night the Seattle Sounders FC did a 4.1 rating that accounted for 73,185 households and approximately 182,963 people viewing their match that was sold out at Qwest Field.
The replay of the game did an amazing 1.5 rating immediately after the game on Fox Northwest so in total the SOunders reached 116,025 homes and 290,062 people.
This is outstanding!

Go to, click podcasts and click Glenn Davis to listen to last night’s Dynamo All Access with Glenn Davis.
Guests: Sounder and former Arsenal midfielder Freddy Ljunberg, Dynamo coach Dominic Kinnear, Dynamo players Ade Akinbiyi and Andrew Hainault.


According to the Toronto Star, Toronto F.C. manager John Carver resigned because of MLS meddling with his coaching style and putting too much effort into “controlling” the coaches actions.
“Iv’e had restraints on me ever since I got here,” said Carver who grew up in Newcastle, England. “If ever you do anything or say anything out of order, they’re straight on the phone complaining to the owners and that’s how they work because in my opinion, it’s all about image. Obviously I was not the right image for the league.”
MLS in response had the following to say. “The league prefers not to respond to Carver’s criticism.”

Carver also said he was ordered back to the field after coaching from a press area for a different vantage point.
Now, lets examine this. Carver’s personality may have been the “perfect” fit for Toronto which had an EPL feel to it. Maybe not.
But if MLS was meddling so much with his coaching behavior why did Toronto F.C. owners Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment not do more to stand up for him to the league?
Carver was asked by Soccer Operations Director Mo Johnston to take a two day break and re-consider.
Carver leaves with a record of 11-15-10.
Toronto F.C. and former Dynamo Dwayne DeRosario visit Houston on May 30th .

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  1. Nicky says:

    Well said, Glenn. There are a lot of franchises in MLS that are terribly run and need to stop using the lack of attendance in their markets as a crutch. They are failing miserably and they need to be called out accordingly. As for the Dynamo marketing organization, they are ok but certainly not great.

  2. William says:

    Glenn- Would like to see the $10 million that Garber said MLS is going to receive in the Beckham fiasco , go directly to marketing, promotion and community outreach to help the teams that are struggling with attendance.
    With that kind of cash outlay league could set up small committee of public relations experts that could travel to each team front office, work with staff and implement changes and ideas to get fans in the stands.
    What is alarming to me is the teams such as Dallas, Denver,Columbus, Salt Lake and even Chicago to an extent are not filling up soccer specific stadiums.

  3. Vance says:

    I couldn’t be happier that someone is asking the questions you are. Right on, Glenn!

    It’s not that Seattle is an anomaly. Seattle did it right. Anyone who thinks the attendance is down because of the economy, Beckham, or “soccer is losing popularity” need to look at Seattle, Toronto, and Houston, and they’ll see that it’s none of those three. The fact is that there’s fire behind those teams’ marketing to where no one in the city can escape their presence, building solid teams, and giving their supporters’ groups the chance to grow and create fan atmosphere.

    Without the fan atmosphere and community rallying around the teams, there will be a lack of interest. With a lack of interest, there’s little buzz and in effect, lower attendance and ratings.

  4. Advocate says:

    The momentum/success in Seattle is a product of the managment’s due diligence. Hanauer, Henderson, Leiwike (sp?), and the rest of the key FO staff traveled to Toronto multiple times to understand what had made them so successful. They did the same thing in other markets like Columbus. They went out there acknowledging their “rookie” status, and soaked up all the soccer savvy they could–hoping they could learn from what had worked in other areas.

    Then, they came home, and leveraged all their knowledge combined with a significant investment from the ownership group. They “snowballed” all the successes in MLS to this point, and it has culminated in the greatest success yet: A MLS franchise that is truly Major League in every sense of the phrase.

  5. Tone_Ebologna says:

    Not trying to put down seattle or anything, but i will be impressed if they can sustain that kind of passion for the next 5 to 10 years. When their team has “down” time or if the Mariners start getting hot… if they still show up, that would be something. It is pretty easy to follow the band wagon of a new team that has “celebrity” ownership.

    I think that Houston would have been in the same boat had a few things gone differently. 1) They needed more time. They inherited a team from San Jose and had less than six months to get a name, identity, and a home. 2) Had Oscar been on board from day one, we would have had more of a hispanic backing (and maybe would still have the name 1836? If he approved, then what else could they say?) 3) Had they been able to work out a better place to play than UH…

    All in all, Houston was dealt with a different situation… but a HUGE plus was that they inherited a team that won 2 titles in a row… something no other franchise has been able to start with.

  6. Dave Clark says:

    “It is pretty easy to follow the band wagon of a new team that has “celebrity” ownership.”

    Which explains all of the success that other MLS teams have had? New doesn’t explain this.

    No one is going to the games for Drew Carey.

    We are a soccer savvy market with very strong international companies with quality connections to Europe. I believe the area is #2 or 3 for H1B visas in the USA, which means a huge percentage considering that Seattle is market #14.

  7. Seattle-bgix says:

    First off, Thanks Glenn, for coming to Seattle and filling in for Kevin Calabro.

    I had the opportunity to be part of a group that met with Sounders VP Gary Wright, and the one concern I expressed to him was how could the larger MLS community duplicate some of Seattle success. Because without the survival of the league, everyone loses regardless of their fan base.

    There was of course no clean answer, but the Sounders did invest a lot in creating the buzz around the team, and the process of putting the team together. The team has management that really love soccer, and does not treat it as an afterthought. We have an active local press following, and commitment from local TV (including broadcast, not just Cable) to broadcast most games.

    Yes, it didn’t hurt that we had been just sh*t upon by the Sonics, and our other sports teams were in the doldrums, but we had over 17,000 season tickets sold before last (MLS) season ended, and 22,000 by 2009′s kickoff. Those sales I think were very driven by marketing.

    I hear that Portland and Vancouver have also had a very good response to early season tickets, and they are starting to market their new teams well also.

    I hope we kick all your a**es, but more importantly, I hope to see everyone else give us a run for our money on Fan’s in Seats, and TV Market share.

  8. Edwin says:

    Tone, I know you love your Dynamo, but you need to read up on your MLS stats men, yes the Dynamo won 2 championships, although not in as dominant manner as they played throught the season and playoffs to my taste, but there’s something to be said, no young players to excel outside of Holden, Cameron and Clark, not exactly the best offensive weapons? And also a very hard headed aproach from Kinnear that I yet to understand about sticking to his system when it’s clear people are slowly figuring it out! But more important man, don’t forget the facts, the most successful team in MLS it pains me to say because it was at our cost, is DC United, they have 4 tittles, they did win 2 to beging their franchise and the league, beat an amazing and loaded LA team, and also won supporters shields, US Open Cups, and Concacaf championship! Seattle is what it is, the most successful team in terms of attendance since the days of the Galaxy and Mauricio Cienfuegos creating with Cobi Jones at the Rose Bowl!

    The Mariners stand a very small chance with the Angels, A’s and the Rangers who at the very least will hit like hell! Seahawks aren’t getting too good any time soon, if anything San Fransisco will get better with the picks they made, Arizona isn’t going anywhere soon, and even St. Louis might get better before the other Football team that plays at Qwest plays well! Seattle is going to be good in attendance for a while, with Portland and Vancouver coming in on 2011 don’t expect the numbers to drop in the next 4-6 years! I love it, it forces the rest of us to step it up in our respective cities, I pray that FC Dallas lands a great DP and young player ala Sounders to make people fill up that beautiful Pizza Hut park, btw, I hope plenty of Dynamo fans make the trip to Frisco, I read Dallas has a $59 bus and ticket package to watch the May 9th game, hope you guys make the stands in Dallas look a bit orange!

  9. Tone_Ebologna says:

    Dave and Edwin,

    There is nothing that you have written that i disagree with. If anything… i think you have said what i was trying to say.

    Dave, I did not mean that Seattle’s fans came out for Drew Carey… but you have to admit it is much easier to promote the new team in town when you have a celebrity who is always on tv making a push for it. Plus, they had about 2 years to get everything in place. (And i think the fact that the Sonics left town has helped pull in some extra fans…)

    Edwin, trust me… i would never claim that Dynamo this year are what they have been in the past. Yes, i do realize that DC won the first two titles… but that is kinda lame to say that when everyone was starting off, too. Just like it is still difficult for me to truley claim Houston’s two MLS Cups when we inherited the team from SJ (No wonder eathquake fans hate us so much.)

    All i was saying is that Seattle did hit it off very well, and it will do nothing but help MLS if the fans stay faithful. (Even as a Dynamo fan, you have to root for other markets to be successful.) I look forward to the day when Houston fans complain about Seattle. Hopefully we can return the favor and Seattle fans can complain about the heat and humidity in Houston.

    Hopefully the next teams can follow Seattle’s lead. Seattle obviously did their research and corrected many of the mistakes that other MLS teams have made.

  10. glenndavis says:

    A great discussion here. Did some things fall in place for Seattle maybe.
    Astute hires, professional organization that has done it’s homework, a bit of good fortune with some player signings after identifying them, plus a long standing soccer culture that I believe has had the olive branch extended them to be a part of. It is we, we , we in Seattle.
    No one should condition their success, they deserve the credit.

  11. Denny says:

    Glenn, let me just say that I have never truly enjoyed listening to an American commentate a match like the one you did, ever. For the first time, my ears did not bleed and I was not forced to mute the television. I sincerely hope you come back and do more matches for us in Seattle.

    I’ve never been a big fan of MLS management. Garber has hardly been a model professional for the clubs to look up to, and I just don’t see credit being given to American soccer until we have the right image. It’s not about having an image of European style fans, or made-up derbies and rivalries (San Jose and Seattle?) The proper image is one where MLS has genuine fans that care. I think Seattle and Toronto have that because we waited for a team and organization that we truly wanted. I don’t believe that these two cities got lucky with the moves they made. Seattle and Toronto, along with Vancouver and Portland coming up, are showing that every single American city can get behind the club and support good soccer. The disconnect is in the lack of leadership at MLS.

    Honestly, I would feel embarrassed watching Seattle play away to teams like Dallas and San Jose. And I think Garber is making a huge mistake if he thinks the rest of the league can suck off the success and enthusiasm from expansion teams every year. The failing clubs need to shuffle things around and quit running it like an NFL team, where if the team is losing the organization plans for the next season. Look at teams like Hull City, Fulham, and Everton. They have a hardcore following that goes beyond results. Garber wants this, but is too stupid to know how to do it.

  12. Mike says:

    I could not agree with you more. I wrote this back in December..

    “The job so far by Seattle ownership has bordered on perfection. Without playing a single competitive game, Sounders FC possesses 18,000 season ticket holders, a Designated Player, a jersey sponser, a soccer specific stadium (sort of), plenty of media coverage and exposure…no stone has been left unturned.

    Then you have a club like the Revolution, who haven’t achieved any of the above in 13 years! They won’t even spring for a decent website.”

    Michael Hitchcock should have been fired a long time ago.

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